Yacht Window Tinting for Sun Glare Reduction and Improving Safety

Yacht Window Tinting for Sun Glare Reduction and Improving Safety

A yacht window tint has been proven to be effective in reducing sun glare. If you’ve ever experienced being momentarily blinded by this, then you know how it can impair a person from even the most basic tasks. Walking or driving down a familiar street becomes a dangerous endeavor with restricted or limited vision. This is a risk that’s magnified on the water.

Yacht Window Tinting for Sun Glare Reduction and Improving Safety

Factors such as the sun’s rays being reflected by the clear water and strong shore light are ever present threats when operating a yacht. These light sources can create a sudden glare that can affect the driver’s ability to have a clear vision. Since these are factors that cannot be controlled, the best solution is to install a yacht window film. Below is an overview of how this simple accessory can help to keep your yachting adventures safe.

Solar Radiation

Yacht Window Tinting for Sun Glare Reduction and Improving Safety

Solar radiation from the sun is divided into three different components, UV rays, infrared and visible light. Out of these three, the only one that we can see is visible light. We can only feel the other two components. This makes it harder to avoid these harmful solar radiations.

Using the correct yacht window tint is essential as you want to ensure that the harmful radiations are kept out without affecting the visible light that comes in. The wrong tint can have disastrous results that you do not want to risk especially out in the high waters.

How Does Tinting Prevent Glares?

A yacht window tint can control the amount of visible light that passes through. This means that regardless of how much light hits the window, the excess will be deflected back. This does not affect a driver’s visibility though because it is still clear enough to prevent vision impairment.

How Does Tinting Reduce Heat Inside a Yacht?

Window tint heat reduction is a result of the film deflecting the infrared solar radiation. In fact, a high quality yacht window tint such as the Huber Optik can prevent up to 98% of infrared from coming through the windows. You can use window tint to reduce heat and inhibit the greenhouse effect. In addition, the HVAC system of the yacht is able to efficiently provide cooler air for a comfortable temperature.

This can be a huge benefit especially if you’re out cruising on a hot sunny day. You can escape the heat outside by coming indoors and lessen the risk of sun and heat strokes.

The best window tint for heat reduction is one that has the ability to deflect as much infrared possible. The Huber Optik ceramic series is a great example of this. Ceramic films are the highest quality in the market and are proven to be the most reliable. These are non conductive and non metallic so it delivers results without affecting the performance of the equipment on board.

How Does Tinting Reduce UV Ray Damage?

One thing that you need to remember about UV rays is that they are not visible to human eye. So even if it appears downcast outside, the UV rays are still there.  And these are harmful not just to people but on your boat interior as well. If you’ve ever noticed stains or cracks on your vinyl and wood furnishings then this means the harmful rays have been able to get inside the cabin. Prolonged exposure can further damage your interior and may result in high costs to get these repaired or replaced.

A yacht window tint can help maintain the quality of your interior by preventing up to 99% of UV A and UV B rays from going through the glass. Marine window tints are designed to withstand the harsh conditions on the water so these will not turn purple or crack and continue to deliver protection against harmful solar radiation.

A yacht window tint made of high grade film can prevent UV A and UV B rays from harming you and your loved ones. These cause premature skin aging and some skin cancers so, you’ll definitely benefit from keeping your cabin UV ray free.

In addition to using the best quality yacht window tint, you also need to make sure that these are properly installed. By hiring professionals who have years of experience in this field. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that the job will be done right. Marine Tint can offer you the best options to fit your needs and budget.


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