Yacht Window Tint: Upgrading from Standard to Extraordinary


A yacht window tint can definitely improve the appearance of your boat. It gives it that elegant and sophisticated look. But this feature can also upgrade your luxurious yacht in a lot of different ways. Car enthusiasts are rarely happy with stock features and spend a huge amount of cash to improve their ride. You too can level up your yacht with a host of cool benefits with just this one additional and seemingly simple feature.

Yacht Window Tint: Upgrading from Standard to Extraordinary

Superstar Appeal

A yacht window film comes in different colors. So you could choose one that compliments the rest of your vessel’s facade. It can create an interesting look that’s guaranteed to call attention to your pride and joy whether you’re dockside or out on the waters.

You can also opt for a more classic look by picking out a more natural hue. With the different levels of darkness percentage, you can get a window tint protection film that’s perfect for you.

Defense against Solar Radiation

Yacht Window Tint: Upgrading from Standard to Extraordinary

Installing a yacht window tint can also help protect you and your vessel from solar radiation. Marine grade films can prevent 99.9% of UV rays from damaging the interior of your yacht. You can say goodbye to faded vinyl or brittle wood furnishings because the ultraviolet rays are deflected.

Another window tint protection you can enjoy is heat reduction. Infrared that get into the interior of the cabin can spike up the temperature and cause an oven like effect. By protecting the inside of your boat from this solar radiation, your AC can efficiently keep the surroundings cool. This means you can leave the hot weather outside where it can’t do you harm.

Glare Protection

Your yacht window tint can also lessen the risk of maritime accidents such as collisions. A study of accidents on the Florida waters showed that one of the leading causes of these collisions is operator related. By ensuring that your windows are protected, you can control the amount of visible light that passes through the glass to prevent eye strain and eye fatigue.

Almost anybody who has been on a boat can attest to the fact that the clear waters can greatly magnify the sun’s rays. This can create such an intense light source and result in glares that can blind a person for a few seconds. While this might not seem important to some, a few seconds of blindness can have fatal results on the waters. In addition to that, shore lights can also create glares which make even night time cruises just as dangerous.

A tinted window can help prevent any of this from happening. The film can filter intense light from coming through the window and ensure that there’s clear visibility at all times.

Energy Saving

While recreational boating may not seem too harmful to the environment, the energy that fuels it comes from sources that do. Unless the craft is 100% solar powered, it will need gas or diesel to run. These fuels can have quite a huge carbon footprint. To be friendlier to the environment and still get a chance to enjoy your boat, it is ideal that you use the energy on board efficiently.

As discussed above, a yacht window tint can prevent infrared from dangerously heating up the interior of your boat. When the inside isn’t too hot, the yacht’s HVAC system can provide the cooling needed without using too much energy which comes from the boat’s engine.

In addition, when the room is nice and cool, people tend to leave the windows alone. There’s no need to draw the blinds so natural light can easily come in. Most people believe that keeping the sunlight out will help prevent the interior from becoming too hot. Incidentally, this belief is actually wrong. Heat is created by infrared and not by visible light. So when the shades are left open there will be enough illumination and there will be no need to turn on artificial lights.

Additional Security

Yachts are a powerful draw to thieves and burglars. So when dockside, your vessel is at a high risk for burglaries. Most thieves will opt to break a window rather than pick the door lock to get inside. A security film added to the yacht window tint will make this task much harder and deter these burglary attempts.

Another window risk that yachts have to contend with is the weather condition. Whether it’s docked on the marina or out on the waters, flying debris can easily cause damage to the windows. A yacht window tint can help prevent the glass from shattering and risking further injuries to those on board. The security film will keep the pieces intact. A web like pattern appears on the surface but the pane will stay in place.

A yacht window tint can definitely create a transformation that’s worth the investment of having it installed.