Window Tint Near Me: 5 Common Types and Their Benefits


If you’re considering getting a window tint for your boat, the first thing that comes to mind is to look up “window tint near me” online. You must first familiarize yourself with the different types of window films before you even decide to have one for your boat. They are listed below.

Remember that window tinting cost near Jacksonville, FL, should matter less than the quality you get. Here are types of window films:

1. Dyed window tint film

This kind of window film is the most economical among the other types but is less functional. The dye absorbs heat preventing it from entering through your boat’s windows.It is commonly used for appearance. It provides privacy while still allowing visibility from the inside. However, the dye tends to fade over time.

Find the nearest available dyed window film in your area by typing in “window tint near me” online.

2. Metalized window tint film

Metalized window films consist of small metallic particles which reflect heat, keeping it away from interior space.The metallic feature also adds extra strength to windows making them more shatter-resistant. Metallic window films also create a shiny appearance, but this window film tends to block electronic signals.

3. Hybrid window tint film

Hybrid films make use of a combination of dyed and metalized layers. They’re good for those who want crisp appearance for their boat’s windows. Hybrid tinting also effectively blocks UV, heat, and glare.

If you want to customize the look of your windows, white window tint near Jacksonville, FL, is an option. Blackout window film around Jacksonville, FL, is also available.

4. Carbon window tint film

Carbon window tinting blocks up to 40% of infrared light from entering your vessel. It also effectively traps heat, preventing damage to your boat’s interiors. Carbon film allows for electronic communication as it does not interfere with electronic signals.Overall, carbon window film delivers better results than dyed and metallic films.

5. Ceramic window tint film

Ceramic window film is the most expensive and also offers the highest quality. It has high resistance to glare and fading and blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. It does not interfere with electronic signals from inside your vessel. Ceramic window tinting is new on the market, but regarding reliability and performance, it has already proven its value.

Window tinting cost near Jacksonville, FL, varies, but you should always pick quality over price in your “window tint near me” search. A high-quality window film will give you long-term benefits.

If you’ve finally picked the perfect window film for your boat, you can now look for the best tint shop in town. Begin by searching the web using the phrase “window tint near me” or “marine solar film near Jacksonville, FL.”