Window Tint for a Yacht in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Window Tint Is a Must Have for Yachts in Florida

We have applied window tint to hundreds of boats up and down the Florida coast, from cabin cruiser window tint in Miami to fishing boat tint in Tampa Bay to yacht window tint in Boca Raton. But we rarely get to work on vessels as staggering as the ultra luxury yacht we recently serviced while it was in port from its home base in the Cayman Islands. This 220-foot behemoth was having major work done to upgrade and modernize it, and we were honored to be chosen as the team to apply yacht window tint near Fort Lauderdale.

Window Tint Keeps the Interior of Boats Comfortable

The stately main dining room of this 220-foot yacht was elegant but decidedly dated. It featured thin semi-sheer curtains around all the windows, and these provided privacy and blocked sone light, but they also blocked the view out, and what’s the point of having huge floor to ceiling windows if you’re not going to enjoy the view anyway? We applied marine window tint that cuts down on damaging UV light and blocks warming IR light, so the passengers can now enjoy the view out through the unobstructed tinted windows while unwanted sunshine won’t overwhelm the space.

Yacht Window Tint Makes the Vessel Safer

The window film we applied to this yacht will greatly reinforce the glass windows, preventing them from shattering if struck by windblown objects or anything disturbed and sent flying by rough seas. The window film will also help prevent any break-ins should burglars come aboard while the yacht is at port. This added safety also comes with the greatly enhanced privacy boat window tint adds. People outside the yacht will not be able to see inside the cabins thanks to the window tint.