What Window Tint Methods Can You Use to Cool Your Boat Cabins?


Several window tint methods help cool your boat’s cabin. These are a combination of other cooling products that prevent heat from building up. You can find combo methods in boat window tint in Marco Island, FL, in this article. Because there’s no fun in staying in a yacht that burns your skin, right?

Methods to Cool Your Cabin

These solutions will not only make your boat cold but also saves energy to power the air conditioner. Have a boat window installation near Marco Island, FL, and cooling products to keep heat away from your boat.

Window Film and Sunshade Protection

As the windshield is the most battered, sunlit area of a boat, it’s best to use a dual method. Install a legal window tint, like 20 window tint in Marco Island, FL, and place a sunshade protection when the boat is at still.


  • It keeps the dashboard and configurations cool.
  • The captain’s area has improved its temperature.


  • It offers little cooling in the rear cabin.
  • This method only works when your boat is not moving.

Attaching Air Ventilators

Another popular cooling method with window films is the use of ventilators. You can attach it on your windows, and let the air flow in. The American Journal of Applied Sciences said it reduces temperature around 10 degrees.


  • Quick to chill the cabin or room.
  • It is lightweight and saves an amount of space inside.


  • Can chill a small room or area only.
  • You have to leave a gap or opening on the window.

Wind Directors

It catches air and diverts it down to your room or cabin. Wind directors are simple devices to cool people when they’re sleeping or lounging in cabins. One must place the director to where the wind is so that it can start to collect air.


  • Catches an amount of air while the window film reflects heat away
  • Covers a huge room when needed


  • Works only when the boat is at anchor.
  • You need a large space on deck to place the director

Tinting Low-E Glass

Tinting to an already Low-E glass can improve the temperature on the cabin. Low-E glass reflects heat on summer while it traps them during winter. Adding shades will enhance the energy and breathability inside the cabin. Dyed shades can play it cool if you install a blue or green window tint near Marco Island, FL.


  • Improves air circulation in the cabin.
  • If you live in an area where winter is a possibility, the film and glass keep the heat inside.


  • Only certain window films are available for low-e glass.
  • Some tints void the warranties on your glass.

You can find auto, marine, and even house tinting in Marco Island, FL. They also have cooling products that can go with your boat. But it’s up to you if you want a window tint or have it combined with other cooling systems.