Uber for Boats Booking System Helps Get More People on the Water


Having an Uber for boats might seem like a good idea, but it’s one that’s already rooted in reality in Florida. One company has developed a system similar to what Uber and Lyft uses, but instead of cars, people are booking boats and yachts.

EZ Waves has found a good way for locals and tourist to explore everything that Florida offers while providing boat captains with a much needed boost in their business. As company spokesperson Alexandra Perez explained, a lot of captains miss out on potential clients because they’re always in areas without any cell service.

But that’s all changing, thanks to the EZ Waves system. With it, captains and boat owners can simply enter their daily schedule and details about their boat. Prospective customers can then book the boat in real time for a tour, sailing lessons or some good, old-fashioned fishing. Clients even have the option to narrow down their choices based on the boat’s price range or activities offered.

Uber for Boats Booking System Helps Get More People on the Water

What’s the best thing about Uber for boats? Because of this innovation, customers can  enjoy a cruise in a matter of hours. This is particularly crucial with Florida’s fast changing weather. Customers can immediately book a yacht as soon as they realize it’s going to be a gorgeous day and be onboard as fast as they can so as not to waste the beautiful weather.

Guests can also choose the kind of trip they want, like inshore fishing, a two-hour sunset cruise, eco tours and even an introduction to sailing trip. One of the more popular trips is the eco-tour, which usually lasts for about three hours.

Captain Tom Norwood, one of EZ Waves’ users and a long-time Florida boatman, says the eco-tour is one his most popular offerings. Guests always enjoy seeing manatees, porpoises and the large variety of birds that inhabit Florida. The good captain also believes that getting more people interested in being on the water can further highlight the state’s conservation programs.

Florida isn’t the only place that’s taking advantage of the Uber for boats idea. A similar system is also being used in Dubai, except it’s for booking yachts. Like EZ Waves, CharterClick helps tourists see the country from a unique perspective. Aside from cruises that highlight’s Dubai’s distinct landscape, it also offers routes to neighbouring countries like Oman and Qatar.

It’s about time that an Uber for boats became a reality. Now more people can experience the boating lifestyle and enjoy being out on the water.