Top 7 SEO Strategies for Your Local Marine Window Tint Shop


How can you draw more people to your marine window tint business? The growth of technology lets you adopt innovations that make people go to your shop. Enter SEO. You connect more with clients and spin them to real-time sales.

Local SEO matters more because clients can discover your window tint in Bradenton, FL. Here are seven ways to improve and localize your tint shop around Bradenton, FL:

1. Include basic details on all webpages.

Place your address, contact number, map, and some photos of your shop. That way, it can show up in search engines as Google tries to calculate your algorithms. When people search for marine tinting services, the first ones to show up are SE-optimized pages.

2. Place your business in directory listings.

Place your shop on directory sites like Yelp, Google Business Listings, and Foursquare. You may also request for reviews from your existing customers. A testimonial assures your customers that you deliver an excellent service in marine windows in Bradenton, FL.

3. Join other boat dealers.

You can link to other marine tint dealers if you have services or products in need of their help. For example, you run out of stock for Llumar window tint around Bradenton, FL, and you need help from another dealer. That dealer can link back to you if they need help with items like vinyl window tint in Bradenton, FL, too.

4. Have a mobile-friendly site.

A lot of customers use their phones to search for services and products they need. Google prioritized those websites that are mobile-friendly and tend to rank higher.

5. Localize your site and keywords.

More people turn to mobile and Google to find local businesses. Marine products and tint information are better localized so that people can find your window tint store.

6. Speed your site’s loading factor.

Websites that have slow loading features can irritate customers and have a negative impact on your business. Place relevant information, and take out those that aren’t important.

7. Have a blog.

A blog places your marine tinting business as a significant thought-leader in the industry. People will turn to you for solutions and seek your services to help them. Place keywords in your article, and be mindful of meta descriptions, meta titles, and short URLs.

The future of marketing relies on online optimization. If you want your boat window tint company to be discovered by people, you need proper SEO practices to get you noticed.