Tint Near Me: What Is the Ideal Window Tint VLT Percentage


Most people like you search for “tint near me” to have that tint installation which is an important aftermarket upgrade for your yacht. While you can choose any color and shade for your new boat windows in Jupiter, FL, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

There are window tint laws that you need to comply with.

When choosing the darkness of the tint for your yacht, the focus should always be placed on the captain’s visibility of the outside surroundings. As long as the tinted boat windshield around Jupiter, FL, as well as the windows surrounding the captain of the boat, are not too dark, there would not be any problem.

In your search for “tint near me for yacht,” it is highly recommended that the windshield of the yacht should have a high VLT to allow more visibility to pass through it allowing the captain to navigate the yachtsafely. Visible light transmission (VLT) percentage refers to the amount of visible light that passes through the window tint. A 5 window tint in Jupiter, FL, is a very dark marine window tint because it only allows 5% of light to pass through the tinted window.

VLT in boat window tints come in 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% and 70%. The higher the percentage, the lighter the window tint is which means more visible light can pass through the tinted window. Thus a 5% VLT boat window tint is darker than a 10% VLT window tint.

There is a set of allowable vehicle window tinting near Jupiter, FL. These laws regulate the darkness (VLT %) of the window tint you install in your yacht. The law is more focused on the windshield and windows surrounding the captain to navigate the yacht safely.

As for the rest of the windows of the yacht, you can choose to have the darkest window tints, especially for the cabins. You can also choose to have mirror tint in Jupiter, FL.

Window tints are installed in yachts to lower temperatures inside, protect you and your passengers from the glare and ultraviolet rays of the sun. Tinted yacht windows also enhance appearance and privacy.

Window tints also provide additional security because they make the windows more durable and therefore more difficult for burglars to crash.

To ensure that you are installing best tint after looking for a “tint near me” with the right VLT percentage, have a professional installer do the job. They are knowledgeable about state laws governing window tinting.

Installing window tints with the right VLT percentage works both ways. It will not get you in trouble with the authorities.More importantly, it is for the safety of everyone on board your yacht.

Be safe and comfortable on your yacht. Install only the best tints from your “tint near me” hunt with right VLT percentage.


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