The Importance of Installing a Yacht Window Tint the Right Way

The Importance of Installing a Yacht Window Tint the Right Way

Almost everybody will agree that a yacht window tint is more than just a decorative feature. The host of benefits it delivers is actually the reason why more and more boat owners choose to have these installed. But there is still one matter that needs to be decided on. How to get it installed?

The Importance of Installing a Yacht Window Tint the Right Way

In deciding whether the best choice is to hire a professional or to turn it into a DIY project, there are certain important factors that will need to be considered.

Type of Window Tint

The Importance of Installing a Yacht Window Tint the Right Way

There are a lot of different types of tint available in the market, not to mention hundreds of brands. In installing a yacht window tint, choosing the right one is crucial. When someone decides to turn the installation into a DIY project, it usually has something to do with cost cutting. Unfortunately, this may also become a factor when purchasing the window tint installation kit.

Choosing a tint based on price rather than quality can be catastrophic. There are cheap films available that may seem okay but are really not designed to withstand marine conditions. In addition, most of the tints included in the kits have dye or metal. Dye in a film used for a yacht window tint will eventually become discolored, turning into a purplish color that may affect visibility.

Using films with metal can be actually dangerous. The metal can cause interference with the radio and cellular signals needed by the equipment on board. This is equipment used for navigating and boat to port communication.

By hiring a professional company to do the yacht window tint installation, you can guarantee that the film used will be suitable for marine conditions. Marine Tint uses the Huper Optik nan ceramic series films that’s designed to withstand the sun and the water. It is dye and metal free so you it will not turn purple or affect the yacht equipment.

Boating Laws

Clearly, the choice of what window tint shade to use will depend on what you prefer. While most folks chose a darker shade, it is important to remember that there are maritime laws that need to be adhered to. The tint shade depends on the amount of visible light to pass through the film. So, the smaller the percentage, the darker it will be. Anything over 50% should offer enough light for a clear view. However, the minimum legally allowed visible light transmission or VLT is 70%. Non compliance with the laws on glazing will have legal repercussions that you would definitely not want to experience.

If you install the yacht window tint on your own, you are not always sure that what’s included with the kit has the right VLT. This can be due incorrect labeling or just downright dodgy marketing. Unfortunately these reasons will not stand during inspection. Incorrect VLT on your yacht window tint may result in penalties and fines.

When you work with a credible and professional installation company, you eliminate this dilemma. You can count on their experience to ensure your vessel is legally compliant.

Installation Skills

With all the resources such as tutorial videos available online, it’s easy to feel that you can take on almost any project. And if you’ve successfully tinted the windows of your own car, you can’t help but feel that doing it on your boat will be a walk in the park.

In addition, without the professional labor costs, a DIY project really does seem cheaper at first. However, when inexperienced individuals take on a project like a tint installation, there are bound to be some errors along the way. This can be anything from torn film to incorrectly placed tint. When it’s not correctly installed, there may be bubbles beneath the surface that can result to peeling or cracking. So, buying Replacement materials and the additional time needed to complete the project will actually equal more money spent on the installation.

By hiring experts to do the job, you can actually efficiently manage the window tint installation cost better. They have the experience needed as well as the window tint installation tools to ensure that the project is correctly done.

There are always loads of different ways to do everything. And your choice of course depends on what you deem important. But when it comes to a yacht window film tint installation, hiring an expert will always be the most efficient way to do things. With the quality work they deliver, you can guarantee that it will be worth every penny you spent.