St. Augustine, Florida, may well be the oldest inhabited city in America, having been established as a Spanish outpost centuries ago. It's clear why the mariners of the 16th century chose St. Augustine as a place to settle, what with its many sheltered waterways and its ready access to the Atlantic Ocean. Today, the rivers, runs and the ocean itself make St. Augustine a great location for sport fishing, recreational boating, for watersports, and for commercial maritime activity too. And today's boaters have advantages of which those classic seamen could never have dreamed. We might take out powered boats with climate controlled cabins for granted these days, but no boater should overlook one critical boat upgrade: marine window tint.

In St. Augustine, boat window tint is a must have, because of that intense Florida sunshine. Sunlight can make that day spent on the water less pleasant and can even cause damage to a boat over time, making the entire St. Augustine boating owning experience less enjoyable and more expensive. That is, unless you get window tint for boats!

Sunshine has multiple different types of light in the spectrum, many of which are not visible to the human eye. And ironically, it is those invisible parts of the solar spectrum cause the biggest problems. High frequency UV rays are the most dangerous and the most damaging part of the sunshine spectrum. This kind of light causes all sorts of issues for your boat if not stopped by boat window tint. St. Augustine gets hundreds of sunny days each year, so that means thousands of hours of UV light shining down on your boat. That light leads to discolored, faded, or cracked upholstery, fading floors and walls, and damaged decor, hardware, and anything else in the boat cabin. And when you people are on board, UV light coming through windows without window tint causes skin damage, too.

Window film for boats blocks 99% of the UV light, protecting the inside of the cabin whether it's at docked, at anchor, or under way on the water, and keeping the passengers safe from sunburn and skin damage while they are inside the boat.

On the other end of the sunshine spectrum is infrared light (or IR light for short). This type of light is invisible as well, yet it also causes problems. IR light is the hottest portion of the solar spectrum; if you have ever entered into a boat's cabin and found the inside so hot that it was beyond uncomfortable --was in fact intolerably hot to the point of being unsafe -- it is IR light that was to blame for the heat. Infrared light creates a sort of greenhouse effect inside a cabin of a boat (or inside a car), entering through the non-tinted windows and warming up the closed cabin to a heat much hotter than the ambient air temperature of the day. To keep a boat's cabin cooler and safer, you have to use costly fuel to power the air conditioning system, putting a strain on the HVAC system that need maintenance and repairs or replacement with time. Through blocking much of the IR heat with boat window tint St. Augustine boat owners can have a boat that is cooler day to day and more affordable in the long run.

By preventing damage from ultraviolet light and by cutting fuel expenses and wear and tear on the AC system by cutting down the infrared heat, boat window tint preserves the quality and the inherent value of your boat over the years.

St. Augustine boaters won't have to wait years to appreciate that benefits of window tint; they will enjoy many benefits of boat tint right away. Marine window tinting reduces enough of the sun's visible light to cut the harsh glare the sunlight produces while still allowing in plenty of light to brighten the cabin. Your view will remain crisp and clear out through the tinted boat windows even as the cabin is made pleasant more thanks to the cut glare and the overall boating experience is made safer as the person at the helm will have a better view of the water, especially at those hours when the sun is at an angle and reflecting off the water.

Then there is the immediate benefit of window tint for boats in the form of added privacy and enhanced security. Though a generally safe area filled with fine people, in St. Augustine marine window tint is still a wise idea. The added privacy makes your boat more enjoyable for those aboard thanks to relief from prying eyes. And in the event a thief tries to break into the boat by smashing a window, boat window tint reinforces the glass, making them virtually shatter proof. Boat window tint keeps the burglars outside and keeps your on board property safe.

That same reinforcement of the glass will also keep a boat safer during storms. Marine window tint prevent your boat's windows from shattering into pieces even during high intensity gusts of wind, huge breaking against the cabin, or if hit by windblown debris. When windows don't break apart, the cabin is safe from water and debris damage than would otherwise cause thousands of dollars of damage. The safety and security benefits along with the sun protection created by window tint for a boat are all reasons that people in the beloved old city of St. Augustine are loving their boat window tint.

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