Protect Your Investment With a Yacht Window Tint

Protect Your Investment With a Yacht Window Tint

A yacht window tint can protect you, your loved ones and your boat from harmful solar radiations. It’s actually one of the many benefits this additional feature has that makes it quite appealing for maritime use. In order to fully understand how it does this, you would need to know first more about solar radiation and what it does.

Protect Your Investment With a Yacht Window Tint

Solar Radiation Explained

The sun produces three types of solar radiation. These are UV Rays, infrared and visible light. The only radiation that can be seen is visible light. This is the illumination provided by the sun and what is often associated with heat and sunburns. However, these rays of light are actually just that, light. This alone does not result in all the negative side effects that are often experienced with prolonged exposure.

The other two solar radiations can be considered as “silent killers”. It is impossible to see these and they can cause quite a lot of damage. When infrared enters a room, it can cause a spike in temperature and produce dangerous heat. This is why a yacht’s interior often feels too hot even with blinds or shades drawn.

UV Rays are classified into three different types, UV A, UV C and UV B. UV C’s the most dangerous one. Although it does not cause much damage because it is deflected by the ozone layer of the Earth. UV A and UV B on the other hand have a much more significant impact. These rays can cause skin conditions such as wrinkles and age spots and can even lead to some skin cancers.

Infrared and UV Rays can be present in the environment even when there is no sunlight. This is why you still get sunburns on your skin or damage to your furnishing even when the sun is not out.

Protect Your Investment With a Yacht Window Tint

Window Tint Defense

To protect yourself, your loved ones and your yacht from solar radiation damage you can install a yacht window tint. It is one of the easiest solar control solutions available. The film used for tinting the windows has the ability to deflect 98% of infrared and 99.9% of UV rays while filtering the right amount of visible light.

A UV blocking window tint can protect you from the harsh rays as well as preserve the quality of your furnishings indoors. When your vinyl chairs and counters and your wood interior finish show signs of fading this is usually because these have been exposed to the harmful rays. This often results in the materials becoming brittle and stained. Having these cleaned or repaired costs a lot of money and it’s an expenditure that you can avoid. A UV protective film on your window will help you maintain the quality of your interior so you don’t need to spend more money for replacements or repair.

Even though visible light does not have harmful effects on your skin or furnishings, leaving it unregulated can cause some safety issues. Every boatman can attest to the dangers of sudden glares while operating a yacht. A glare is an intense light that can cause momentary blindness and affect your ability to control the vessel. Worst case scenarios include collisions and crashes. Undoubtedly, these are situations you do not want to put your yacht in.

A yacht window tint can help control the amount of visible light so it reduces the risks of glare from the surface of the water and other reflective or light sources. So, you and your passengers can rest easy knowing that you are always in safe hands.

In addition, the yacht window tint can also prevent eye fatigue and eye strain by controlling the intensity of the light. If you’ve ever experienced how difficult it is to see after you’ve stared out of your yacht window for a while then you would know how important this is.

Security Solutions

Just like your house, your yacht has valuable items that you want protected. From expensive light fixtures to personal belongings, you don’t want to put any of these at risk. A yacht window tint can be paired with a security film to improve your boat’s security. The security film adds a secure layer on the glass to prevent it from easily getting broken.

Most thieves choose to use windows as means to get inside the interior of the cabin. Most times, it is quicker to break a window than to break a door lock. By the time help arrives, thieves are often done with their business.

Security films on a yacht window tint prevent your window from breaking into pieces when smashed. A spider web like pattern is formed on the surface, with the entire frame still held intact. This makes it more difficult for burglars to gain access to your interior.

Whether it’s for health or security reasons, a yacht window tint will definitely be able to help you protect your investment.