Lifetime Warranty For Your Yacht Window Tint

Learn why a professionally installed yacht window tint will last much longer than one installed as a DIY. Leaving it to the experts is your best option.

With the hosts of benefits that you can get from a yacht window film, it’s no wonder you would like to have one installed. But the next obvious question is how to get it done. You wonder whether installing it by yourself can help cut the costs. Professionals of course do charge quite a lot to do the job. Unfortunately, applying a marine window tint is nothing like applying one on a car.

Professionals Offer the Longest Life for Your Yacht Window Tint

Boat Laws

The first thing you need to understand about tinted boat windows is that the film needs to comply with Maritime Laws. While car tinting laws vary by state, there is only one requirement for all maritime vessels. According to boat laws, the minimum visible light transmission for marine use is 70%. That means 70% of visible light needs to be able to go through the glass.

While there are numerous DIY tinting kits available, you may end up purchasing the incorrect percentage. This will result in more money spent on either redoing the project or paying fines and penalties.

A professional installation company knows the ins and outs of maritime law. So, they will be able to use the right film and install it where tinting is legally allowed. There will be no need to worry about legal consequences or additional costs on redoing the yacht window tint installation.

Tint Quality

Professionals Offer the Longest Life for Your Yacht Window Tint

A yacht window tint delivers more than just aesthetic benefits. While it does make your craft look more sophisticated, it is also installed for lot of other reasons such as UV protection. But in order to do so, it needs to be able to withstand harsh marine conditions. A regular tint may not always be able to do this. So even if they may look and feel the same in the beginning a cheaper film will not be able to last long. Eventually it will crack, or peel off.

A tinted boat windshield needs to be protected by a film that’s designed for marine use. Huper Optik, one of the best brands available in the market offers a nano-ceramic series film that is perfect for use on the waters. It is dye free so it will not turn into a purple color that will affect visibility. It is also metal free, so none of its components will have a negative effect on the equipment on board.

These films certainly don’t come in cheap so you wouldn’t want it being installed by an amateur. Installation done by inexperienced folks may result in films getting damaged and cause more money. So leaving it to experts like Marine Tint is actually more cost effective.

Security Film

One other option that you can add to your window tint is the security film. This protects the glass from shattering when is gets broken. So, whether it was hit accidentally or intentionally, it will stay intact and prevent further injuries from pieces of glass. The only indication that it needs to be replaced is the spider web like pattern that is formed on the surface.

Professional Installation

While saving up labor costs by turning a yacht window tint installation into a DIY project may seem like a great idea, the consequences might not be quite so good. The film needs to be applied to the surface expertly so that there are no bubbles or surfaces left uncovered. Bubbles may cause the tint to peel off or create cracks. These may not seem like a huge deal, but these can affect visibility and have fatal results.

Uncovered surfaces on the other hand will mean that certain parts of the window will not be able to prevent the harmful solar radiations. This then defeats the purpose of having a yacht window tint installed.

Hiring a professional company like Marine Tint will still let you work within your budget. You just need to set up a consultation so see if it can work for you. During the first meet, you can discuss your needs as well set the budget that you have in mind for the yacht window tint installation. The experts can give you your options and offer recommendations based on your budget. Once you approve their proposal, they can get to work. It’s almost like a DIY project because you still make the decisions. The only difference is you don’t need to do the manual work yourself. So you can rest easy knowing that your yacht window tint will be installed right.

So, even if it seems like hiring a professional company to do the job will more expensive, it can actually be more cost efficient. Your yacht window tint will be installed efficiently and you can enjoy the benefits it brings for a much longer time.