Prince Philip ‘Okays’ New Royal Yacht Britannia


The plan to commission a fresh Royal Yacht Britannia has now gained the support of the Duke of Edinburgh.

This piece of information which has been relayed to The Daily Telegraph confirms the hearsays that a new training ship is needed to obtain business dealings of Great Britain in the international community.

Former ministers have met on Wednesday to discuss the further championing of the Parliamentary group to advocate for a new Britannia substitution. This campaign is deemed to be necessary after Great Britain exited from the European Union.

The previous chairman of the 1922 backbench committee, Jake Berry, alongside Sir Gerald Howarth, the previous defense minister, will be shaping the base of the new Royal Yacht Britannia committee.

Berry mentioned that the group will aim to work together in order to deliver a noble royal ship intended to serve the nation. “The passion displayed by MPs, the ministers, and the public will shape the Britannia committee. This is the reason why the work of generating funds and producing a new Royal Yacht Britannia can be divided among the House of Lords and the MPs,” he added.

However, the comments of the Duke seem to be against the principles of some government officials who have reiterated their disapproval of the whole project. According to some ministers, while it is to utilize a decommissioned royal yacht for the royal family, it should also be made available to serve and act as a hosting place for dignitaries and other business executives in official government dealings.

Prince Philip ‘Okays’ New Royal Yacht Britannia

While this idea is partly supported by the Duke, he emphasized that it is necessary to procure a replacement for the Royal Yacht Britannia due to important defense purposes.

The new yacht which has been presumed to amount up to £100million has received the support of Boris Johnson and Liam Fox, two cabinet officials. Their reason for the support is because a new ship will definitely help Britain get back into its game after the Brexit.

The international business secretary Dr. Fox supports the acquisition of a different yacht but insisted on the idea that it should be acquired through private funding.

A hundred Tory MPs are now marching on the stead of this campaign. For Berry; it means that the royal family finally realized the benefits of replacing the Royal Yacht Britannia for the parliament and its people.

The Lord of Birmingham also commented that this is the move that the people want to take. For him, when it comes to business deal promotions, this is already the best investment the UK can make to get the value out of the people’s tax.

He also added that a new yacht will greatly reflect on the longtime naval traditions of Great Britain and the prestige that goes along with the whole British nation.

On the contrary, Downing Street claimed again and again that a freshly commissioned royal vessel will not be the foremost priority of a Mrs. May government. This is because the cost of maintaining a new yacht alone will annually cost £100million.