Picking the Right Window Tint for Your Favorite Yacht


Applying window tint on your yacht will allow you to enjoy a relaxing cruise without limits.

As a yacht owner, you are aware of the damaging effects the sun may have on your skin and the interiors of your boat.  You know that investing in yacht window tinting in Pensacola, FL, is more of a necessity than a luxury.

The proper way of handling the installation process of master tint in Pensacola, FL, will make sure you enjoy all the amazing benefits of a yacht window tint.

Before anything else, it should be clear that marine window tint installation is better left to professionals. This is to eliminate errors and to get your money’s worth.

Here is a guide to a boat window tinting installation process:

1. Choosing the right tint type

There are a lot of tint films available, but not all of them are suited for the windows of the yacht. Marine tints are specially designed for boats.

Ceramic window tint around Pensacola, FL, is your best choice because it does not contain any dye and metals.

Being dye-free will ensure that the boat window tinting will not crack over time. It will also not turn purple and impair your vision while driving your yacht. Being metal-free, it will not interfere with the signals of your cellular phone and boat radio.

You may also wish to choose a one-way mirror window film near Pensacola, FL, which can protect everything inside your yacht from any intruders and can provide you with the privacy you and your passengers need.

2. Visible light transmission (VLT) percentage

Choose the darkness of your yacht tint based on what you need and what is legally allowed in your state. As per maritime standards, your yacht window tints should at least have a 70% VLT. Most yacht owners prefer 35 window tint near Pensacola, FL. This is good enough to ensure the yacht driver has good visibility of everything outside the vessel.

3. State boating laws

While need and preference should be a top priority, there are state marine laws you need to follow in choosing a window film for your yacht. The darkness (VLT %) should following the law to avoid legal consequences.

4. Budget

There is a lot window film brands that can suit any budget. Make sure that what you are choosing is specially designed for marine use. Some other kinds of window tints may be cheaper, but you may eventually end up spending more.

5. The right installer

The success of the installation process of the window tints for your yacht depends on making the right tint choice. As important is your choice of installer. Trust only the experts and those with a proven track record.

Your yacht is a huge investment. It is only right that you enjoy every minute of it. Picking the right window tint will not only ensure your enjoyment, but it will also keep you safe and protected.