Palm Beach International Boat Show Kicks Off to High Expectations


Sailors and boating enthusiasts area heading down to Florida this weekend for the Palm Beach International Boat Show. Considered as one of the biggest boat shows in the US, the event kicked off on March 23 and will run until March 26.

The annual boat show is on its 32nd year and organizers are excited about the participants that have joined including boat companies Amels, Heesen, Moonen, and Palumbo. There’s also more than $1 billion worth of vessels and accessories in the event this year.

There’s an eclectic range of ships on display on the event. These ships range from paddleboats to tenders to superyachts like the 180-foot hybrid, the Quinta Essentia. Guests can climb aboard the vessel and check out the master suite and cabins. Meanwhile, the more adventurous types can make like Jacques Cousteau and go inside the Triton submarine.

Palm Beach International Boat Show Kicks Off to High Expectations 1

Some of the ships on display are as long as 200 feet so organizers have set aside another location specifically for them. Interested buyers and prospective clients can avail of a taxi service in the water that will bring them to Rybovich Marina, the new location of the event.

In a statement, organizer Andrew Doole acknowledged that the Palm Beach International Boat Show “attracts a rich audience of water vessel enthusiasts who do not support the events in Miami Beach or Fort Lauderdale.”

Expectations regarding boat sales are understandably high at the event, although organizers are confident that both buyers and sellers will find the event rewarding. The general enthusiasm is apparently fueled by the buyer interest and the deals that were closed at earlier boat shows like the Yachts Miami Beach.

All of these don’t mean that it’s all business and that there’s nothing for the average boaters and landlubbers. The Palm Beach International Boat Show also offers classes, parties and activities that anglers, boaters and tourists can check out and enjoy. For instance, guests who want to learn how to drive a boat or just improve on their boating skills can sign up for hands-on boat handling classes. These sessions are handled by licenses instructors and USCG certified captains.

Meanwhile, fishing enthusiasts can learn something new at the seminars that the IGFA School of Sportsfishing will be conducting. There are also fishing clinics for kids from 4 to 16. They’ll be taught how to select tackles and lures, cast a rod and reel and even how to fight a fish. More importantly, they’ll also learn fishing ethics. These seminars are free upon admission.

Ticket prices for the Palm Beach Interational Boat Show are priced at $22 for adults and $12 for children.