Nauta Air 111 Poses to Replace Voyager Yacht Narvalo


It happens rarely when a staircase defines the core beauty of a marine vessel. However, this is certainly what’s true with Narvalo.

This voyager yacht, a 33.4-metre luxury, was officially released in 2016 as Nauta Air 108— the first of its kind. Cantierre delle Marche was behind her launching. Both her exterior and her interior were tailored by Nauta Design.

This voyager yacht has a very distinctive staircase. Located amidships, it leaves the most lasting impression. In an appropriate honor of her name, the staircase winds around a massive duplication of a tusk and is hanged in a glass case. It is called the Narwhal tusk.

Apart from giving a remarkable centerpiece to this voyager yacht, this spot concurrently supports the buoyancy of the ship’s interior décor. It also gives sturdiness to CdM’s building methods. This is a characteristic that has thrilled her owner who patronized the CdM technology just after owning a GRP speed yacht.

Narvalo, as her possessor explained, was derived from the Italian name Narwhal. It has the long-ranging capacities of Nauta Air and is competent enough to be able to reach the waters of the Artic.

There is no doubt that the range is an outstanding feature of this vessel. Many shipyards are claiming that they skillfully created this ship. It is Cantierre Delle Marche, however, who has the strongest evidence to support his claim.

The maximum navigating range of Narvalo is 7, 500 miles. It can run at nine knots if the owner wants to maximize its capacity. It has less than 30 destinations in the Mediterranean region where it had been already.

Nauta Air 111 Poses to Replace Voyager Yacht Narvalo

Despite these astounding specs, this voyager yacht is also impressive because of its façade interior. With another staircase setting the tone directing visitors from its swim area to the cockpit, it surely helps everyone aboard to unwind.

Linen from Loro Piana adorns the sofas. LED lighting coming from Altraluca lights up the stainless steel knobs. There are also furniture created by Moroso, Bauline, Cassina, and Minotti adorning the whole yacht.

Lodging is divided between the master’s quarters and four cabins beneath the decks. Guests are also most likely to spend time in the cockpit because of its terrace-like views. A Jacuzzi is also the stellar of the show as it is bounded by adaptable spaces meant for social bonding.

However, the reign of this voyager yacht as Delle Marche’s ultimate masterpiece is ending soon as Nauta Air 111 is set for its release before the year ends.  For the owner, however, this does not serve as a threat.

He said that during summer cruising, it is a helpful feature for the Narvalo to possess the ingenuity of Nauta and CdM. This means that the owner has learned how to maximize the space inside the yacht. Everything is already planned in detail, he revealed.

The first long cruise of Narvalo was its voyage crossing the Atlantic which happened last autumn. Narvalo has cruised the Atlantic waters with her crew alone but the owner has her hopes on high pedestal as he plans to include it in his bucket list to travel the same route soon.