Marine Tint for Boats In Florida Cuts the Dangerous Glare


For a boater, there is almost no situation more dangerous than cruising blind. But a lack of visibility can happen fast when the sun comes bouncing off the water and slashing into your cabin, making it impossible to see the waters ahead and whatever may be in your path. To avoid maritime accidents, you need to be able to see clearly at all times when at the helm of your vessel. Sunglasses help, but they can only do so much to cut the glare. Getting boat window film installed in our marine window tint shop or even right at your dock thanks to our mobile boat tinting service is the best way to cut the sun’s harsh and dangerous glare and have a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Before marine window tint, this boat’s cabin was either filled with glare or had to be shaded.

Marine Window Tint Is About Safety and Comfort

This gorgeous 65-foot Grand Alaskan boat was a pleasure for her captain and his guests, but like any vessel with so much glass encircling the cabin, it was unpleasantly warm inside the cabin when the sun beat down overhead and it could get unpleasantly and dangerously bright inside when the sunlight slashed down and bounced up close to sunrise or sunset.

We installed a boat window tint that greatly cuts down on the sun’s bright glare, making it safer for this boat to stay underway even in bright sun. And not only is the view from within the cabin clearer now, but the interior stays cooler thanks to reduced solar heat entering the vessel. The cabin and those inside are also now better protected against sun damage thanks to the 99% UV blocking of the marine tint we used.

If you are looking for boat window tinting in Jupiter Island, Vero Beach, Palm Beach, down to Miami, or closer to Orlando, marine tint is what we do, so let us do it for you.