Macomber Makes a Comeback With Real Stories of American Navy


Robert N. Macomber, an outstanding historian and author, is back to tell more stories of the American navy during the old times.

On the 28th of March, Macomber will retell the tales of how private yachts joined the war in the history of America. His lecture at the Rose History (7 p.m.) will be witnessed by those who wish to attend.

According to the old stories of the American navy, in the year 1898, additional rapid-moving ships were needed. This was the case because the United States was in an armed struggle against the Spanish in the country of Cuba.

Macomber recalls how difficult it was for the American navy to navigate around the Cuban terrain and waters then. The American army was not prepared to face those ill situations. This is one of the reasons why the historian-writer wants to tell the people about what really occurred during that time.

Macomber Makes a Comeback With Real Stories of American Navy

To lend a hand to the Navy, the yachtsmen of America joined the force by sequestering 38 of their most advanced yachts and designed them for war. Many of these yachts became utterly well-known. They even became instrumental during the Second World War.

Their speed and easy maneuverability have made them very useful during the Spanish-Cuban war. They became dispatch and patrol vessels, convoy companions, training yachts, and in the long run, they were even used as anti-submarine crafts.

The USS Mayflower is the biggest of these yachts. It had many engagements during the war of Spain and America. It also served as the presidential ship for 20 years. Though it was disposed by the Navy in the year 1931, this yacht was used again during the Second World War. This time around, it was accompanied by the American Coast Guard. It also rendered service by watching the Atlantic coast for ships coming from Germany.

Macomber Makes a Comeback With Real Stories of American Navy

Aside from relaying old stories of the American navy to the younger generation, Macomber is also known for his famous thrillers. He has written about 13 naval-related books known as the “Honor” sequence. These masterpieces put in the picture the life, history, and career of an imagined character in the name of Peter Wake. Wake, according to the books, is an American officer of the Navy who started his career during the Florida Civil War.

The protagonist develops into a character that is a part of the past stories of the American navy. The author’s books are filled with twisted plots, accurate historical details, supporting geographical graphics, and broad bibliographies. The books are designed to create a comprehensive analysis of the world’s history.

Macomber was raised at Southwest Florida, has obtained his degree in Political Science, educated students about history, and then proceeded to becoming a strategic vision contractor. Before working on books, he began by writing for journals and magazines. Later, topics such as the sea and history became integral parts of his works.