Laws for Window Tint for Boat in Florida to Consider


There are a lot of benefits when using window tint for boat in Florida. It can keep the glare and the heat of the sun from going inside the interior which can damage the upholstery and equipment inside the boat as well as your skin.

Before you choose the best window tint for boats, you have to know the existing window tint for boat laws in Florida. There are a lot of window films you can choose from but knowing the laws about window tint for boat in Florida will help you decide the appropriate tint that complies to the state’s boat tinting regulations. Doing so will get rid of the inconvenience of changing new window tints just because it is against the laws for window tint for boat in Florida.

Enough Visibility at Captains View

Laws for Window Tint for Boat in Florida to Consider

The most important part of the laws for window tint for boat in Florida regards the visibility level at the captain’s area within the ship. It is important to keep the windows that are surrounding the captain’s area not too dark so the outside can be visible enough even during night time for the boat to navigate safely.

Choosing Window Tint for Boats

In selecting the window tint for windows that the captain of the ship will be using to navigate carefully, it is important not to choose very dark tints like the dyed window films.

The minimum allowed window tint for this is 30 percent of tint at most. It should allow at least 70 percent of the visible light to pass through the window.

Other Boat Window Tinting Regulations

  • Window Tinting Sticker Requirements – There are sticker requirements for boat window tinting. It is necessary to identify if putting the window film is legal. The tinting sticker should be placed at the inside part of the captain’s side.
  • Certifications – There will be no need to present any kind of certification from the manufacturer of the window film for the types of film that are being sold in any part of the state.
  • Medical Exemptions – Certain medical exemptions are allowed for special types of window tints in the state. For additional details about the specific terms regarding the medical exemptions of window tints, consult Florida’s state law.

Use the window tint for boat laws in Florida and decide about the best tinting solution for your boat by checking out the products at