In Tampa Window Tint for Boats Blocks the Sun But Not the View


One of the major complaints so many boat owners have is that the cabin of their boat gets too hot when the sun is shining. And in Tampa, FL the sun shines just about every day of the year. Many boat owners settle for drawing curtains or lowering blinds, blocking their view out but keeping a majority of the sun’s solar energy outside the cabin.

We think a better approach is to block out most of the sun’s energy without losing any of your view thanks to marine window tinting. This Tampa boat owner did just that, allowing him and his family to be aboard their boat and see all around without the sun’s heat coming in.

Before boat tint, this captain closed the blinds to keep out heat.

Marine Tint In Tampa Can Save You Money

Window tinting a boat keeps much of the sun’s infrared heat out, which means less fuel burned by the AC to cool things back down. It also blocks 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light, stopping interior fading and cracking and other damage that would eventually require costly repairs. And finally, window tint for boats can add privacy that makes it impossible to see into the boast, thereby dissuading would-be burglars and keeping your property safer while at the dock.