In Florida Marine Tint Is a Matter of Safety and Comfort


Boat Window Film Keeps You Safer on the Water

You would not drive a car in sunlight so bright you could hardly see the road without putting on a pair of sunglasses, right? So don’t be at the wheel of your boat on a sunny Florida day without boat window tint on the windows of your vessel. Marine tint cuts the glare of the sun beaming down from above and bouncing up off the water, giving you a clearer view of the path ahead of you and helping your vessel avoid collisions and come back to the dock more safely.

Marine Tint in Florida Keeps Boats Cooler

Boat window tint can block enough of the sun’s hot infrared light to keep your cabin noticeably cooler. That means more comfort when you’re at the dock and when you’re under way, and it means less use of fuel and battering because there is less need for cooling, so marine window film saves money over time. And even in the cooler months boat tint helps. By adding insulation, boat window film can also keep your vessel warmer.

Boat Tint for Privacy in Florida

Windowing tinting your boat makes it harder for people to see in, adding privacy and comfort for the captain and passengers. But marine privacy tint does not block the view out, so you will enjoy the same scenery as ever.