How to Clean and Maintain Your Window Tint to Make It Last Long


After you have tinted your boat’s windows, it’s time to discover the right method to maintain it. The right procedure and cleaning method will make your boat’s window tint last for a long time. Different types of windshield tint around Tampa, FL, require different methods of maintenance as they have various properties.

If last time you were searching for the place where to buy window tint in Tampa, FL, now it’s time to look for the right way to clean your boat’s windows with tints. A fragile window tint like a solar film requires gentle cleaning. Solar films have a clear appearance that makes it easy to spot the dirt and smears on the window glass.

If you are cleaning your boat tint near Tampa, FL, ammonia-based window cleaners are strongly not recommended. It deteriorates the colors and peels off the tint easily. A soft cloth or standard window cleaner is enough to clean windows with solar films.

Just like solar films, security window films can be cleaned using gentle cleaners. Cleaning security films, more than standard windows, is a must, as dirt, smudges, and prints show easily due to their transparency. Although security films have high-grade scratch coat, it is still recommended to use soft cloth to avoid smudges and tears.

Your research for “Should I tint my boat windows near Tampa, FL?” will now change to proper cleaning of tints. Other tints are decorative and made of vinyl, and they do not show hand prints easily. These films are textured heavily and require detailed cleaning.

Soap and a wet rag are helpful in cleaning the edges of a decorative film. If you just installed your window tint film near Tampa, FL, you have to wait for 30 days before cleaning it. Newly installed window tints need time to cure before anyone can touch them. Avoid using harsh cleaners and corrosive cleaning tools to avoid scratches.

The use of a squeegee is a great way to remove excess water and the cleaning solution in the window film. Apply a slight pressure when cleaning the window film using a squeegee as too much pressure may peel it off and destroy it. Never leave the window film wet. Wipe it with a clean, soft, and dry towel after cleaning it.

Window films have manufacturer guidelines in cleaning. Ask a reputable installer how to clean your window tint, and learn everything about maintaining so it will reach its designated lifetime.