How Much Does Boat Window Tint Near Me Cost? Know About Quoting


You need a window tint to prevent solar heat and UV radiation from hurting you, your crew, and even the furnishings. This light passing makes your cabins hot and makes you uncomfortable with the heat. Your furnishings’ color and quality will likely degrade too. So how much does it cost to tint boat windows near The Florida Keys? This is what boat owners consider the most when they search for “tint near me.”

Factors Affecting Tinting Cost

In your “tint near me” search, getting a boat tint man near The Florida Keys and paying the fee can depend on a lot of factors. Consider the following aspects when you want someone to tint your boat:

  • Type of window tint film
  • Size of windows and vessels
  • Look and design of window tints
  • Number of windows
  • Old tint removal

You can also ask your local mobile window tinting in The Florida Keys about other factors. These mechanic shops even offer marine tint jobs.

How Much Is the Cost of Boat Tinting?

With the different factors above, a DIY kit costs $25 to $50. Hiring an indie professional tint installer has an average fee of $20 per square foot. Though the price will be different for experienced people, a simple tinting job on boats would only need you to pay $50 to $100.

The price for captain’s windshield and other large windows will go up to $150 to $300. Complicated window jobs need payment starting from $250 to $500. Meanwhile, a large order of boat tints is between $300 and $600.

Mobile window tinting around The Florida Keys might offer a different price for a boat job. Somehow, the prices aren’t too far from each other.

DIY or Hiring a Professional

Purchasing a film and doing it by yourself is inexpensive. Many tints come by rolls worth $25 or below. And since boat tints deal with curved glass, you have to know some shrinking techniques as well. Meanwhile, hiring a pro is costly.

Tips in Quoting Boat Tints

If you’re searching for “tint near me” to request for quotes, you might want to consider these dynamics:

  • See companies’ portfolios first.
  • Get estimate price and professional price.
  • List down your boat window coverage – front, back, or full.
  • Know the specs of your vessel.
  • Free quotation.
  • Online or offline quotation differences.
  • Repair and installation quotes.

Boat, car, and home window tint film around The Florida Keys follow the same procedures when you’re asking for a quote. However, there are a couple of cents different when you do it online than offline. It’s because some companies give deals when you place boat tint jobs on their website. So, can you say you’ve found lead on quoting for boat tint services?

“No worries. I’ve found a great boat window tint near me!”