How Heat Shrinking Works for Window Tint on Boats


Window tint companies usually use a heat gun and a squeegee to clean and cling films on a warped surface. People who want to know how to tint a curved surface in St. Augustine, FL, may opt for heat shrinking. There are two ways to shrink films for boats, namely, dry and wet method.

How Does It Work?

A heat gun will warm the film which will curl as its reaction. Once heated, the film will have an excess that looks like botches of crinkles and coils. When it curves, you can use a squeegee to smooth them out again. It allows the window tint to loosen and expand, letting it follow the shape of your curved boat window glass. Shop services with window tint repair in St. Augustine, FL, offer heat shrinking services too.

There are two methods on how to shrink window films to your glass, the dry and wet technique. Removing window tint in St. Augustine, FL, can now be easy. The technique allows you to place and remove films with heat shrinking.

Dry Shrinking

This technique makes use of the dry solution to place your film. The most common procedure is the baby powder method.

The following are the steps for the baby powder method:

  • Apply baby powder on the boat screen.
  • Take out a wet paper towel, and wipe the screen, forming a letter H.
  • Place the window film, and clean it again with paper towel.
  • Use a squeegee to flatten the film on the surface.
  • Take out the heat gun, and move it in circular patterns.
  • Use the squeegee to smoothen the surface.
  • Take out the excess afterward.

Wet Shrinking

The method lets you use soapy water and a microfiber cloth to attach the film in place. You will need a heat gun afterward for the film to curl and smoothen.

The following are the steps for the soap and water method:

  • Take a tint, and spray it with soapy water solution, then place it on the window.
  • Squeegee the shade to its place before using a heat gun on the fingers.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to smoothen the fingers before using the squeegee again.
  • Trim excess film, and flatten it with the squeegee.
  • Repeat, if necessary.

Buy Window Films for Boats

You can also buy precut window tint around St. Augustine, FL, for your boat tints. Also, you might want to invest in a professional window tint installer for a quality tinting job.

If you’re going to do DIY works, there are tons of brand names and branch shops located in every state. You may also get to grab 3M or Llumar tint around St. Augustine, FL, for your desired the window tint.