How Does Yacht Window Tinting Contribute in Lower Energy Cost?

How Does Yacht Window Tinting Contribute in Lower Energy Cost?

A yacht window tint brings a host of benefits to boat and yacht owners. These benefits range from safety due to reduced glare to protection from theft and privacy invasion. While you may think that this is already reason enough to invest in having these installed, there are actually additional unique benefits that you would be thrilled to learn about.

How Does Yacht Window Tinting Contribute in Lower Energy Cost?

A recent window film energy savings study shows that window tints can actually help lower the cost of energy. While this study done by the IWFA was mainly for residential and commercial buildings, the materials used are similar to marine films. In this study, it showed that the HVAC and insulation systems of the homes and offices consumed less energy because of the window tint. There were considerable savings on energy costs as the window tints were efficiently able to help keep the heat or cool air in without being affected by external factors.

You too can enjoy low cost benefits with an energy saving window tint installed on your yacht. Here’s how it can be done.

Protects Interior from Infrared

How Does Yacht Window Tinting Contribute in Lower Energy Cost?

It is common knowledge that a yacht window tint can prevent harmful infrared solar radiation from entering the interior of the boat. This prevents the inside of the cabin from heating up due to the greenhouse effect. Extreme heat can be harmful to a person’s health, so it becomes automatic for you to adjust the AC to address this rise in temperature. An energy saving window tint eliminates the need to turn down the AC to create a more comfortable environment.

Saves Energy Needed for HVAC Used

Unless the yacht is hooked up with solar panels, the HVAC system uses the boat’s energy. This system is connected to the engine room where it draws its power. When the Ventilation system has to work harder to cool a room it requires more of the boat’s energy thus eating up a lot of the fuel. This would result in the need to get the yacht refueled often. More fuel means more money spent on providing energy to power up the HVAC system.

With a yacht window tint installed, the solar radiation that cause the heat will be filtered out. Hence, the HVAC system will be able to cool the room without needing addition power, which in actuality means less fuel costs.

Allows Visible Light to Come Through

A yacht window tint allows an efficient amount of visible light to enter through the window. This means the driver and passengers are able to clearly see despite the tinted window. This seemingly simple feature actually contributes to lowering energy costs on board. Because the room can be efficiently illuminated by a natural source, there is no need to use indoor lighting.

Any fixture or appliance onboard that needs energy to work are all hooked up to the yachts engine room. This is where the power is generated using either separate generators or the boat’s actual engine. Whether the energy is provided by the yacht or the genset, both use fuel to be able to create the power. The more energy used, the more fuel is necessary.

So, when the yacht window tint is able to efficiently filter in the needed illumination, artificial lighting will not be needed.


Another popular benefit that a yacht window tint brings is that it shields the interior of the cabin from the view of the folks outside. While this might not seem like an obvious energy saving feature, it actually helps to lower costs.

Without the tint on the window, passengers will have to make use of blinds or curtains to get the privacy they need. Shutting out the outside world also means shutting out the natural source of light. So when there’s no other illumination, the lights inside the cabin would have to be turned on and thus need more energy.

Since the yacht window tint already delivers the privacy needed, sunlight is able to freely come inside the room and provide the needed lighting.

Some folks may find it hard to believe that window tinting is actually more than just a decorative feature on a yacht. But with the features described above, it is easy to see that beyond the obvious security and safety benefits, a yacht window tint actually delivers a considerable ROI.

With less energy needed for HVAC and lighting, the need for additional fuel is reduced. So, installing a yacht window tint is obviously a worth investment that is worth every penny spent.