How Does Yacht Window Tint Help in Heat Reduction?

How Does Yacht Window Tint Help in Heat Reduction?

A sunny day is the perfect time to go out in the water and cruise on your yacht. But when the sun gets too strong, you want to be able to retreat to the interior of your boat and relax in a nice and cool room. Your yacht window tint can make sure you always have a safe haven away from the heat. This can certainly up the fun level of your yachting experience.

How Does Yacht Window Tint Help in Heat Reduction?
Boat Window Tinting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

How exactly does that work? Why would you need to have the windows tinted when you can always use shades or blinds?

Reduce Heat with Boat Window Film in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The temperature inside your yacht can be affected even if it’s hidden away from direct sunlight, especially in sunny Ft Lauderdale. This is because it isn’t the sun’s visible light that’s spiking up heat. The temperature is affected by an entirely different solar radiation called infrared. It enters through the windows unseen and almost undetectable. One of the signs that it is present inside the room is when it becomes increasingly hot. When it enters, it stays inside and creates a greenhouse effect. This is when the heat is trapped indoors and the hot air doesn’t have any means to get out.

How Does Yacht Window Tint Help in Heat Reduction?
Ft Lauderdale Yacht Window Film Installation

You’ll notice that even when you draw the shades, the interior still gets uncomfortably hot. Your AC also has a difficult time keeping up, so there’s little to no relief from the heat.

The heat the infrared produces can be more than just uncomfortable, it can threaten your health as well. Intense heat can cause heat stroke and heat exhaustion which are considered as medical emergencies.  When you have a yacht window tint, the infrared is deflected so it cannot do you harm.

Yacht Window Tint Selection

To enjoy the benefits of window tint heat rejection, you need to make sure you choose the appropriate film. Not all films available have this heat rejection feature. It’s also important to remember that the shade or percentage level also does not affect its capability to deflect infrared. So the myth that the darker the tint the better its heat rejection is actually false.

When picking the best window tint for heat rejection for your yacht, you need to make sure that you choose a film designed for marine use. The tint you used on your car may be perfect for road use but will certainly not fare well in maritime conditions. Your yacht window tint should be able to have heat rejection features and withstand the harsh conditions on the water at the same time. In addition, it also needs to comply with boating laws on visible light transmission.

While solar control films are more expensive, it is the best choice for your yacht window tint. These films will help deflect not just the infrared but also harmful UV rays. In addition, these can help regulate the amount of visible light that passes through the glass. So, not only does it reduce the heat, it can protect the interior of your boat from damage.

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Best Marine Tint Window Film 

When your yacht window tint uses a high quality film, you can ensure that your investment in having it installed is worth every penny. You can enjoy the benefits of heat rejection without the need to have it regularly replaced. One of the best brands available in the market is Huper Optik. Its nano-ceramic series offers 98% infrared and 99% UV ray protection. That will definitely help make sure that you have a great time on board however hot the weather is.

Huper Optik’s Ceramic marine films are dye free. So, the film will not become discolored even after exposure to intense sunlight. Films that have dye turn a distracting purple color that can hinder visibility. The films are also metal free.  It doesn’t use aluminum or nickel-chrome so it will not affect the radio signals that the yacht needs.

Choosing a marine tint of the highest quality helps you guarantee that you will never have to compromise your safety on board by focusing on heat reduction. You get to enjoy all the benefits you deserve.

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Professional Boat Tint Installation

The installation process is also important when using a yacht window tint to reduce interior heat. Working with a professional guarantee will ensure that the film is properly installed so you get the protection it promises. Infrared may still be able to go through if the tint is not properly installed.

Getting experts will also help you manage the cost better. You don’t have to worry about needing to redo the tinting as you know the job will always be done right the first time.

With a yacht window tint, your experience on the water will definitely be more fun. You’ll get the best of both worlds. Sunny and warm on the deck while cool and comfy in the cabin.

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Professionally installed boat window tint in Fort Lauderdale.
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