How a Yacht Window Tint Can Enhance Your Cruise Experience

How a Yacht Window Tint Can Enhance Your Cruise Experience

Having a yacht window tint can certainly make your cruise a more memorable experience and for all the good reasons at that. When you take your yacht out, you expect to have a glorious and fun time on the stunning Florida water. The sun is up, the weather is clear. It’s the perfect opportunity to work on your tan and bond with your loved ones. Here are some of the reasons your window tint can help level up your cruise.

How a Yacht Window Tint Can Enhance Your Cruise Experience

Sunburn Not Allowed

While you will most certainly be taking advantage of the sun to get all tanned up, you have no plans of suffering painful sunburns. So, when you’ve had your fill of the sun, you can head into the shade and cool off for a bit. You can lounge in the chairs and sip a nice cold drink. Your yacht window tint will protect you from the harsh UV rays that can cause skin conditions such as cancer and premature wrinkles. It is after all called sunbathing and not sun roasting.

The best window tint films can deflect 99.9% of those harsh UV A and UV B so you don’t have to worry about getting exposed to them while you’re in the cabin and seeking refuge from the sun.

Partying and Not Panting

How a Yacht Window Tint Can Enhance Your Cruise Experience

You know that staying out in the sun for a long time is bad for you. That’s why you head indoors when it’s at its strongest which is from 10am to 3pm. But harmful solar radiations can still follow you inside. Infrared is invisible to the naked eye but can cause a lot of harm. Unprotected windows let the infrared in and turn your interior into a sauna. Drawing the shade or blinds won’t help. This is because even if sunlight is blocked, the heat can still radiate in. This will cause an increase in temperature and may result in heatstroke and heat exhaustion. You know it’s happening when the air becomes too humid and you feel overly thirsty. Some people have been known to lose consciousness in extreme cases. The last thing you want to happen is to have a medical emergency on board.

By installing a yacht window tint you can ensure that there’s a whole of partying and not panting going on. A good window tint can prevent 98% of infrared from coming through the windows and heating up the interior. So you and you loved ones can still party indoors even with the sun scorching outside. Your HVAC system will also be able to function more efficiently as there is less heat to compete with.


Cruising Safely

The safety of the people onboard is important and you certainly want to make sure that you do everything to ensure it. So, by reducing the risks of any type of accident while you are sailing on the waters, you can have worry free time on the yacht.

One of the most common causes of boating accidents the drivers inability to operate the yacht. This is usually caused by fatigue or impaired vision caused by a sudden glare. A yacht window tint can help prevent this from happening on your boat. The professional window films used can regulate the amount of visible light that goes through the glass. This protects the driver and the passengers from intense lighting caused by glares. It also reduces the risks of eye strain.

This means you can rest assured that whoever is navigating the boat will be able to do it efficiently and competently and all thanks to your yacht window tint.

Security Guaranteed

Whether you’re docked at the marina or out in the water, there’s always a risk of the windows getting smashed. This can be due to harsh weather conditions or a burglary attempt. By having a yacht window tint installed with a security film, you can reduce these risks. The film serves as a shield to protect the glass from being shattered into pieces. It keeps the broken glass together and will prevent thieves from getting access to the interior of the yacht. In addition, it can also prevent further injuries that can be sustained from the bits and pieces of broken glass.

The security film keeps the pieces intact. The web like pattern that will appear on the surface will be the only indication that the window is broken.

Surprising as it may seem, but a yacht window film is so much more that an accessory to make your yacht look sleeker and more appealing. With all these additional benefits, it’s no wonder how having it installed can enhance your time onboard every single time.