Helping a Sunseeker Sport Yacht Perform Better In the Sun With Marine Tint


In an ironic twist on the name of the gorgeous yacht, its owners were actually seeking to have less sun infiltrating into the cabins of their 74-foot Sunseeker Sport Yacht. All the windows and the large windshield panels are great for enjoying the view as they motored around Fort Lauderdale, but there was simply too much of that sunshine which everyone knows all to well already in Fort Lauderdale. Yacht window tint was the answer, and we were glad to be the ones these boaters called to install it.

Before getting window tint there was too much sunshine in the cabin.

Marine Window Tint Is a Safety Matter

If you own a yacht or boat in Fort Lauderdale boat window tinting is a matter of the utmost importance. Boat tint can reduce the glare of the sun shining off the waves or beaming down from above (or worse… both!) and can help you maintain a clearer view of the waters ahead of you, making collisions much less likely.

But of course boat tint is also all about comfort and style. This Sunseeker yacht will now be cooler than ever inside, meaning more comfortable cabin with less need for fuel drained by the air conditioning system. And just take a look at the exterior of the vessel.

Window tint for yachts adds privacy and style.

This tinted yacht is looking better than ever, with its dark windows juxtaposed against the white exterior. The boat window tint we used for this Fort Lauderdale customer also adds lots of privacy, making the interior of the cabins totally off limits to the eyes of those outside on shore, on the dock, or on another passing boat.

We offer on location mobile boat window tinting services, so whether you need boat window film in Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in Florida, set up an appointment any time.