Generating Income Out of a Yacht-Filmed Video Show


Can one make a profit out of sailing? This is a question that a lot of people are dying to ask and get an answer for. While several young sailors can handle life on small boats with more or less no equipment on board, there is another means to do it.

Sailing and Filming

Sheryl and Paul Shard, a couple from Canada, hoisted their sail starting at Lake Ontario with a vision of seafaring at the south. This dream began in their 30s. This was three decades ago. Ever since they have navigated around five continents and sailed the seas seven times. In total, they have 100, 000 miles beneath their keel.

The couple, both having careers as TV producers, is dependable for their personal unbeaten production named “Distant Shores.” This is where they gained their profit. The yacht-filmed video show was rendered into multiple languages, 28 in all, and has a million fan base across continents.

The couple has exhausted more than 100 grand on gears and editing tools alone. It has a specific script and is professionally filmed for television use.

Use of Hi-Tech Gears

Now, it is safe to say that modern technology paved way for more exciting opportunities for a yacht-filmed video show like “Distant Shores.” First on the list of these hi-tech equipment is the GoPro camera. GoPro gives you the permission to shoot under or above the water. Drones, on the other hand, enable you to capture astounding aerial scenes. Each island is built with Internet connectivity which allows you to put your videos on YouTube. This is how a marina adventure begins.

This is the tale of success by Elayna Carausu and Riley Whitelum, the producers of another yacht-related television show entitled La Vagabonde.

Generating Income Out of a Yacht-Filmed Video Show

Dream Come True

Before his television success, Riley had a job offshore on oil rigging. He also had a job in the mines located in Western Australia. This enabled him to save money to purchase a second-hand yacht. When he found out that a yacht is half-priced in Europe in comparison to Australia, he went to Italy to purchase La Vagabonde in 2003.

It cost him $4, 700 alone traveling to and fro the Europe. The yacht refurbishments made him shell out €15,000 and the insurance is $4, 700 AUD each year.

Love in the Yacht

When Riley went to Greece, he met the love of his life Elayna. Elayna was a musician working for a travel firm. Both of them fell in love and she joined Riley on his travels across the seas. She discovered Riley’s camera on the ship and they started filming their travels and adventures.

Riley was skeptical about Elayna posting the videos on YouTube but eventually, he became convinced, thus, the birth of their own yacht-filmed video show. Patreon, a funding website, was introduced to them by a friend. They have agreed to use it and now they have 1, 331 donors who helped them raise $8, 917. This is the budget used for an episode alone.

Currently, their yacht-filmed video show is on YouTube and has 112 uploaded videos in the channel.

They are grateful that and YouTube helped them in achieving their dreams to sail, make beautiful memories around the world, and generate income out of their own produced yacht-filmed video show.