Daytona Beach, Florida is known the world over for the historic Daytona International Speedway and its annual Daytona 500 NASCAR race, but the locals know that beyond that thrilling race each February, the best way to enjoy Daytona Beach is to get out on the water. Florida's Atlantic coast experiences warm to mild weather all year round, making it the perfect place for fishing, sailing, watersports, or for pleasure cruising on board your very own cabin cruiser or yacht. Before you head out for some adventure, relaxation, or in hopes of a great catch, make sure you have good marine window tint on the windows of your boat. Because in Daytona Beach boat window tint can make all the difference between an outing that's pleasant and enjoyable or too bright and too hot, and between a boat that retains its value over the years or that loses its looks and re-sale worth far too soon.

Window tint might not seem like an exciting part of the boating experience, but it's actually a critical component of responsible boat ownership and use. And don't worry, the entire process of tinting boat glass takes only a day or two at most -- we know that folks in Daytona Beach are used to things moving fast! And here are a few things we know about the importance of marine window tint film.

Boat window tint can block a large portion of the hot sunshine that bathes Daytona Beach on most days of the year, keeping the interior of your boat cooler and more comfortable whether it's at the dock or underway on the water. It rejects a percentage of the sun's warming infrared light, so the cabin stays cooler and you use the AC less, which saves fuel and reduces operating costs. Now that's pretty cool, right?

The sun's ultraviolet light is responsible for the fading, peeling, cracking, and discoloring that can occur inside the cabin of a boat. Picture the dashboard of an older car; you know that discolored look it takes on and all those unsightly cracks that form all over the dash? That degradation is due to prolonged exposure to UV light that comes all but unchecked through the windshield. So too is the fading and breakdown of the car's upholstery caused by UV light. That same damage will occur to the cabin of your boat if you don't tint the windows. The difference is that your boat probably cost much more than your car! The good news is that you can apply boat window tint film that will block 99% of the sun's ultraviolet light, effectively preventing sun damage inside the cabin. And that same window tint that protects your boat will also protect the people on board, preventing skin damage caused by UV sunlight. This UV rejection can be achieved with optically clear window tint that won't change the look of your vessel or with darker window tint that offers several benefits.

Your boat is your own private property, so it only makes sense that you'd like to enjoy some privacy while aboard it. With window tint for boats or yacht tinting, you can render the windows of the vessel opaque to people trying to look in from outside the windows. All they will see are dark panes of glass, while from within the boat you'll still be able to see just fine. That same dark privacy boat window tint will also enhance the looks of the vessel, adding style through the contrast between the dark panes and the white exterior of the rest of the vessel.

When you apply boat window tint to your boat's windows, you are not only enhancing the solar efficiency of the vessel and adding more privacy, but you are beefing up its safety and security, too. Safety is always important, and in a place where tens of thousands of visitors come through each year like Daytona Beach marine window tint is critical, as you never know who may be near your boat. Marine tint makes boat windows almost impossible to break apart, thus preventing a thief from getting into the cabin and stealing your stuff or even threatening you and your passengers. A window with security tint might crack and need later repair after attacked by a criminal's hammer or brick, but it won't fall apart and offer a means of access to the cabin. And in the event of a hurricane blowing debris about in the air, boat tint can also prevent the panes from breaking apart, thus keeping the interior of the cabin protected from damage.

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