Dane Dunne: Entourage Tours Was Founded on My Passions in Life


MOLOOLABA, QLD—Dane Dunne might not have learned his entrepreneurial skills in the university but he acquired them through a handful of life experiences.

He began his company at a time when he enjoyed doing what he loved the most—partying, listening to hype music, and traveling. Being a former lifeguard, his Entourage Tours ‘eureka’ moment came up one day while he was sitting on a lifeguard pedestal. He had a realization while staying atop that people associated water with leisure and fun. Now, his company takes care all of the traveling details of the tourists.

Dunne was living at California in 2009 attending the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival when it hit him that the experiences of having endless fun, listening to rave music, and partying all night should be shared with other people as well.

Dane Dunne Entourage Tours Was Founded on My Passions in Life

“There was a hole that needed proper filling. I researched and looked for traveling firms which offered the elements of travel, party, and music. I couldn’t find any company with such concepts,” said the CEO-owner of Entourage Tours.

“Traveling has always been my first love. I did life-guarding in Greece and been to European countries a dozen times. I reached places that I couldn’t have gone to if I have heeded my parents’ willing for me to attend college.”

Dunne’s company envisions young visitors reaching world destinations while introducing them to the hottest music fests and most exclusive parties. The first batch of tourists was brought to Coachella seven years ago.

Utilizing social media as a strategic tool in growing their market, Dunne uses luxurious enticements such as yachts and Hollywood manors for parties. This is how their clients can have a major pool party in.

At the moment, Entourage Tours has a vast list of partners in the music field. Their aim is to provide VIP festival and concert experience for their clients who are fascinated by this kind of fun. No one can join the parties without them reading and signing the waiver.

Simply put, they invest heavily on the monitoring of their clients. Whether watching them on their alcohol intake and such, they don’t want to risk the safety of their guests. They do not condone unbearable behaviors.