Costa Mesa Murder Suspect: Valentine Attacked Me


The Costa Mesa murder suspect, a 21-year old woman who was charged with murder, disclosed to the police authorities that the victim attacked her prior to his death. She was being linked to the demise of a stabbed man found in his condominium unit on March 11.

On March 14, Matt Murphy, a lawyer for the Orange County Deputy District, has processed a proposal in Orange County Superior Court. This motion requested for a court order to permit the prosecutors in obtaining photos of the Costa Mesa murder suspect. These photos should present pieces of evidence of bruising or injury marks consistent or not to the accounts given to the investigating team.

Amber Angelovic, the suspect, is a resident of Huntington Beach. She met with the victim, Derek Valentine, three weeks prior to his murder. Li, a friend of both parties revealed that Angelovic and Valentine had a certain “fondness” for each other. In fact, Valentine consulted Li about the Costa Mesa murder suspect to ask for advice regarding his intended courtship. The woman, in turn, asked Li if Valentine was a decent guy.

Li got together with them at Newport Beach on the evening of March 10. The victim together with the Costa Mesa murder suspect and him had a few booze at the Stag Bar + Kitchen to have a good time after Angelovic was hired in her new job. However, when Li came back from the restroom, he found out that his companions have left.

Costa Mesa Murder Suspect Valentine Attacked Me

He messaged Angelovic and asked if they left and she said yes. They had their last exchange of messages at about 2:50 in the morning, Li testified. It can be remembered that the police began to launch a response operation to Costa Mesa after they accepted calls around 5:30 in the morning reporting an incident of stabbing. The police found Valentine’s body inside his house at 610 Shasta Lane.

Angelovic was reportedly at the victim’s home a night before his stabbing. Valentine walked away from his room bearing a couple of stab wounds in his chest. According to Investigator Murphy, the victim knew he was dying and announced it before falling down from the stairs.

A fatal stab of Valentine was directed to his heart. According to the official records of the police investigators, Angelovic claimed that the victim hit her repeatedly in the shoulders, face, and eventually smashed her next to a wall and floor. However, Murphy wrote down in his reports that there were no marks or bruises visible from the body or face of the Costa Mesa murder suspect.

Li claimed that in a couple of years he was friends with the victim and he has never seen him being violent. The prosecutors accused Angelovic with charges of murder and a probable enhanced penalty of using a fatal weapon.

Angelovic has been freed from jail following a $1 million bail. This Friday will be the arraignment of the said bail. Valentine was married in 2012 but his marriage has been dissolved through a divorce the following year. Court records show that his ex-wife filed charges against Valentine for an alleged domestic abuse. The case, however, was dismissed.

A memorial for the murder victim is scheduled on April 1 at Melbourne, Florida.