Claycomb: President Donald Trump’s Speech Was in Good Spirits


PALM BEACH, Fla.— Lloyd Claycomb revealed his excitement over President Donald Trump’s speech at the previously held Republican National Committee (RNC) Spring Retreat.

Claycomb had the chance to meet and greet the most notable lawmakers and highest GOP donors across America in the said assembly. What also thrilled him was his firsthand experience in listening to America’s president delivering his keynote speech at the event.

The said event featured a crowd full of Republican officials and current authorities from the Trump administration. Claycomb expressed his delight over President Donald Trump’s speech and even described him as being tranquil, centered, and inspired throughout his hour-long address.

The recently held RNC retreat in Palm Beach, Florida witnessed the delivery of President Donald Trump’s speech in an animated tone.

Taking note of the President’s excitement and passion, Claycomb noticed how his message focused greatly on the promises he made during the campaign. Trump talked about working on accomplishing each one of them.

The hopes put upon President Donald Trump’s speech were great most especially that his Joint Address to Congress happened only a few days before the said gathering. In his talk, he made an emphasis on creating a venue for future teamwork with the party. He desires to do this while creating a policy outline for the next years of his term.

The president also took his time to express his gratitude to the benefactors of the occasion for the charity work that they have carried out. He also commended Romney McDaniel, the RNC Chairwoman, for her contribution in his campaign success in Michigan.

Claycomb: President Donald Trump’s Speech Was in Good Spirits

The event hosted by Ronna Mc Daniel, Steve Wynn, and Bob Paduchik happened at Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. Those who arranged the occasion include Richard Walters (Finance Director, RNC), and Sarah Robinson (Deputy Finance Director).

Claycomb, being a member of the Presidential Inauguration Committee and the Arizona State Finance Chairman of the Trump Victory Joint Fundraising Group, took note the appearance of GOP’s huge players. Two of these huge players are Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott.

Prominent physicians also made it in the guest list. Other than President Donald Trump’s speech, attendees also took time to listen to the keynote address of Steve Wynn. Wynn, who had been staying aboard his new multi-million-dollar yacht in Palm Beach, was congratulated for being the newly officiated RNC Finance Chairman. He exclaimed in his speech that he is more than willing to help financially during these troubled times of the Republican Party.

Claycomb has also been appointed as the Director of the United States Navy League. In line with this, he aspires to uphold a smooth-sailing working relationship with the Republicans for the forthcoming years.