Choosing Yacht Tint in Florida that Won’t Compromise Visibility


One of the primary benefits of having window tint on a yacht is to protect yourself and the interior from the harmful effects of the sun as well as from its blinding glare. It is often a problem during the summer season when the sun is shining at its brightest.

In Florida, where you can have your pick of the world’s top beautiful beaches, boating is a common way to enjoy the outdoors and cool off. It is also when you are most likely going to appreciate the use of yacht tint in Florida.

Choosing Yacht Tint in Florida that Won’t Compromise Visibility

As much as the shade of the yacht tint in Florida can protect you from the solar effects, it also often blocks the outdoor visibility. It will leave you to the comfort of your room and without a way to enjoy the view.

This makes choosing the ideal yacht tint in Florida a bit tricky. You need to find a window tint for yacht that can effectively block solar heat but won’t compromise outdoor visibility.

Common Types of Yacht Tint in Florida

  • Dyed Yacht Tint

It is the cheapest solution for yacht tint in Florida. While it can be an effective protection for solar effects and its dark shade is great for privacy, the dye often fades under prolonged solar heat.

  • Metallic Yacht Tint

Metallic particles in this type of film reflect the sunlight effectively. However, it also causes interference in GPS and radio signals.

  • Carbon Yacht Tint

This type of yacht tint can block 40% of the infrared radiation that can cause heat in the interior.

  • Crystalline Yacht Tint

Crystalline window tint for yacht is not the typical dark shade of tint. However, it still provides you with the same amount of protection against solar effects.

  • Ceramic Yacht Tint

As a high-quality window tint for a yacht, ceramic tints can block 99% of UV radiation and 50% of solar heat. However, being the most effective in this bunch, it is also the most expensive.

Choosing Yacht Tint that Won’t Compromise Visibility

Window film generally doesn’t block the outdoor visibility. However, it lessens visibility due to its dark shade. For you to make sure that the yacht window tint you have chosen can provide you a healthy amount of outdoor visibility, you have to look for its specification, mainly its Light Transmission factor. A 49% LT is a balance of the glare reduction and visibility.

Window tints are beneficial in a lot of ways. Find the ideal tinting solution for you now at to experience these benefits.