Choosing Between Ceramic or Carbon Window Film as Boat Tint in Florida


Ordinary glass windows in boats are alright, but there is still a way to improve them in both the appearance aspect and the strength, effectiveness, and comfort in dealing with the elements present in the open waters especially the solar heat and radiation by installing a boat tint in Florida.

There are different types of boat tint in Florida that has the features that offers plenty of benefits for your vessels. One thing they have in common and also one of their edge is their 100 percent metal-free system which eliminates the possible interference in the GPS and radio system of the boat.

What Is Carbon Window Film?

The carbon boat tints have a dark matte finish which can block up to 40 percent of the infrared light that can cause warmth to the interior of the boat. It is an effective solar boat tint in Florida regarding blocking the heat energy from the sun.

Choosing Between Ceramic or Carbon Window Film as Boat Tint in Florida

One of the advantages of using carbon window tint its color stability. It is completely dye-free and won’t fade or discolor over time or even under extreme solar condition. Carbon films are also excellent in terms of solar protection.

It can block the harmful UV rays up to 99 percent which protects the interior of the boat from discoloration and premature fading.

What Is Ceramic Window Film?

The ceramic window film is made using tiny ceramic particles which make in an excellent type of boat tint in Florida in terms of protection against UVA and UVB radiation up to 99 percent. It can also effectively block up to 50 percent of the infrared waves.

One of the best things about the ceramic-based window film for boats is its excellent outdoor visibility day in and day out. While most of the other types of window film only have outdoor visibility during the daytime, the ceramic film has no shiny metal effect that compromises the view even at nighttime.

Which Is Better?

Although these types of window tint for boats are made using different kinds of base materials, their benefits and advantages are not different at all. Both are useful options for window tint for boats regarding privacy and solar protection. Choosing between the two will only be a matter of preference and budget.

While both are on more expensive that other primary window tint for boats, the ceramic window film is considered the latest tinting technology and is the most expensive of them all. Don’t hesitate to visit to find the best boat tinting solution for you.