Choose the Best Tint Near Me Without Affecting Radio Signals


You might have experienced inaccurate results from your GPS device, even if it uses radio signals to connect with satellites. If you are still trying to solve this mysterious puzzle, you might need to call your chosen “window tint near me” installer and ask what kind of window film in Miami Beach they used.

Signals and Metallic Tints

The only type of film that interferes with phone and radio signals is the metalized one. The following facts below describe what happens when you use a “metallic tint near me”.

1. Characteristics

This is made of invisible and small metallic particles that give your boat’s windows shinier appearances. They are also scratch resistant.

2. Effects

This type of film interferes with GPS accuracy and signal receptions. It contains different metals, like iron, that give radio signals a hard time to penetrate through the equipment.

3. Reasons for Use

Some people do not search for installers of “tint near me” and tried to install tints on their own. Metallic films are low in cost. They are the available DIY options. However, almost all businesses of window tinting near Miami Beach avoid using these kinds of films.

Other Types of High-Quality Tint

Choosing a window tint usually depends on your budget. Here are the types of window tint film you can use on your boat without affecting phone and radio signals:

1. Dyed Window Tint Film.

This is the cheapest type of marine window tint around Miami Beach. It still blocks the heat and UV rays of the sun. If you have low budget, you can install this for ordinary and temporary use.

2. Carbon Window Tint Film.

Invest in an eclipse window tinting in Miami Beach that uses carbon. Carbon blocks at least 40% of the sun’s infrared rays without using other metals. It helps your boat regulate cooler temperature. With a matte and dark appearance, this type of film does not fade quickly.

3. Ceramic Film.

This is the most expensive, but also the most recommended type of film. It is purely made of non-metallic and non-conductive material.

Your boat with tinted windows around Miami Beach can reach its destination quickly. It can also block up to 50% of infrared light without interfering in GPS accuracy and signal receptions.


Most of the technologies today rely heavily on phone and radio signals. Your preferences should match the requirements of your devices, especially when your boat needs to navigate the waters. Avoid installing tints on your own, and find the best “tint near me” to do the job for you.