When most people hear the name Cape Canaveral, Florida, they think of space craft blasting their way off the ground and into the solar system beyond, whether to orbit the earth, visit the moon, or rocket off toward distant planets. And while the Kennedy Space Center a few miles north of the city of Cape Canaveral proper is a defining feature of the region, most locals of the area think less about leaving the area at high velocity than about enjoying the miles of sandy beaches and endless opportunities for recreation on the water. With the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Banana River to the west, and countless creeks, cuts, and islands to explore, Cape Canaveral is a dream location for fishing, recreational boating, and for adventure watersports.

That's why more residents of the region are less concerned about rockets blasting into space than about all the sunlight coming down from space. In Cape Canaveral, marine window tint is a must have, because that incessant Florida sunshine can make a day on the water a lot less pleasant and can even damage a boat over time, making the entire boating owning experience a lot less enjoyable.

Sunlight contains multiple different types of light in its spectrum, much of which is invisible to the human eye. Ironically, it's the invisible swaths of the spectrum that you need to be the most aware of and cautious about. The sun's high frequency ultraviolet rays are the most dangerous and damaging part of the solar spectrum. This type of light can cause all sorts of issues aboard your boat if not checked by boat window tint. Cape Canaveral sees hundreds of days of sunshine each year, which means thousands of hours of UV light potentially filling your boat's cabin. That can lead to discolored or cracked upholstering, faded flooring and walls, and damage to decor, equipment, and anything else within the boat. And when you are on board, ultraviolet light coming through windows without marine tint can cause skin damage, too.

Window tint for boats blocks nearly 100% of the sun's UV light, protecting the interior of the vessel when it's at anchor, docked, or under way, and keeping you and your passengers safe against sunburn and long term skin damage, too.At the other end of the solar spectrum we find infrared light. This type of light is also invisible, yet it too causes issues. IR light is the warmest portion of the sunshine; if you have ever stepped into your boat's cabin and found the interior so hot it's beyond uncomfortable and even intolerable and unsafe, you have infrared light to blame for this warming. IR light creates a greenhouse effect inside the cabin of your boat, entering through the windows and then warming up the closed space to a temperature much higher than the ambient air around the boat. In order to make the boat cool and safe, you need to expend costly fuel to run the air conditioning, also putting a strain on the HVAC system over time. By blocking much of the infrared heat with boat window tint Cape Canaveral boaters can enjoy a boat that's cooler and more cost effective.

And by preventing damage from UV light and cutting fuel costs and strain on the HVAC system by reducing IR heat, boat tint helps preserve the quality and value of your vessel over time.But you can also enjoy the benefits of boat tinting in the short term, as well. Marine window tint reduces just enough of the visible light that passes through windows to cut the harsh glare the sunlight produces. While your view will still be crisp and clear looking out through the tinted boat windows, the reduced glare coming into the cabin will make the interior space more pleasant for all passengers and safer for the captain at the wheel, affording him or her a better view of the water ahead. (This makes you a safer boater for yourself and for all the other people out on the water, too.)

Another immediate benefit of window tint for boats is the added privacy and security it creates. Though a safe area filled with good people, in Cape Canaveral marine window tint is still a good idea as added privacy makes your boat easier to enjoy in comfort without prying eyes seeing inside. And in the off chance someone did try to break into the cabin by smashing the windows, marine tint can reinforce the glass enough to make them virtually shatter proof, keeping the burglar outside and keeping your property safe inside.

This same reinforcement also helps keep the boat safer during a storm. Boat window tint can prevent your cabin's glass windows from breaking apart even during intense gusts of wind, waves breaking over the gunwales, or when struck by flying debris. When the windows don't give in, the cabin is protected from water, wind, and debris damage than can cause hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of damage. Add the safety and security benefits to the solar protection attributes of window tint for boats and it's clear to see why boaters in Cape Canaveral are big fans of boat tinting.

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