Boat Window Tint In Tampa, FL Means More Fun In the Sun


If you have a boat or yacht in Tampa, FL window tint is a must have if you want to enjoy your days out on the water as the Florida sun shines down day after day. Marine tint can greatly reduce the heat inside the cabins of your boat, meaning more comfort for everyone aboard and less need for fuel drained by running the AC system. In sunny Tampa boat window film means more comfort thanks to cooler temperatures even when you first step aboard off the dock, before you have even powered up your vessel. And boat tinting also means a boat’s interior will stay looking great for years to come thanks to the fading prevented by the UV blocking properties of marine tint.

Boat window tint blocks UV and IR light but not visible light.

Marine Tint Cuts Down the Glare

Boat window film cuts up to 99% of the sun’s UV light and a large portion of the hot IR light depending on what shade you choose, but it still lets in plenty of visible light so the cabin remains bright and welcoming inside. However marine tinting does cut out enough visible light to reduce the harsh glare created by sunshine, meaning the captain will enjoy a clearer view of the water ahead and will be safer while underway.