Boat Window Tint in Davie FL Adds Comfort for Those Aboard


Marine window tint in Davie Florida and in greater Fort Lauderdale and beyond is a must have because this area of Florida sees so many great days for boating. Those great days mean sunny weather and calm seas, but all that sun can make for a less than great day on the water if the interior of your boat is too hot to enjoy or too bright for safe cruising.

This boat’s cabin was getting too warm and bright without tint.

Marine Tint Blocks the Heat and the Glare

Take a look at the windows of this boat that docks near Fort Lauderdale. Those large glass windows offer a great view but without marine tint they were letting in way too much light. All that excessive sunlight would eventually fade and discolor the interior of the boat and was making the cabin too bright for comfort and, in some circumstances, too bright for safe motoring. When the sunlight bounces off the water and into the eyes of the captain at the helm, it makes steering the boat harder and less safe. Marine tint cuts down on the glare and preserves a clear view. Boat window tinting also reduces interior heat, meaning more comfort and less use of gasoline for running the AC.