Boat Tint in Florida Versus Tempered Glass


There are countless of ways that you can upgrade the plain looking glass windows of a boat. You can choose from a wide variety of glass windows from patterned and textured to frosted glass windows. There are also those that come in a variety of shades and color to match the look you want for your boat.

There are several ways to improve the strength and durability of the glass windows of a boat, upgrading to tempered glass or installing boat tint in Florida to the existing glass windows.

Pros and Cons of Using Tempered Glass

Boat Tint in Florida Versus Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is considered to be a kind of a “safety glass”. It is designed and built about four up to 5 times stronger than the ordinary kinds of glass. The increase of strength in the tempered glass was made using the process where it goes under extreme heat and rapid cooling after.

While tempered glass is tough, this particular feature also caused it to be more brittle that other types of glass. Tempered glass is also not immune to breaking. Once it starts to break, it breaks totally. The only positive factor that comes from it is its shatter-proof feature.

When broken, there won’t be any shards of glass that might cause further injuries; it shatters into tiny pebbles instead.

Tempered glass is a system itself and installing it in boats; you need to get rid of the original boat windows. It could be a lot of work and a lot of expenses too especially since tempered glass doesn’t come cheap.

Pros and Cons of Installing Boat Tint in Windows

Installing boat tint in Florida is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your rather dull and plain boat windows. It is placed on the glass window’s surface itself and will only take a few warm days for curing. Using boat tint in Florida can also provide a lot of benefits aside from improving the appearance and strength of the boat windows.

The boat tint in Florida also serves as a solar protection, something that is not a feature of the tempered glass. Solar protection is essential especially in boating under the extreme heat of the sun.

When unprotected, the UV rays can damage the interior of the boat causing discoloration and premature fading, and not to mention, the glare of the sun which is very uncomfortable. Window tint for boats is an excellent investment for boat window upgrades. Visit to find the ideal boat tinting solution for you.