Best Solutions for UV Protection in Yachts


A yacht window tint can reduce the damage caused by the postcard worthy sunshine that enticed you to go on a cruise. Everybody will certainly agree that the perfect weather for a cruise out on the water is when the sky is clear and the sun is out. You set out on your yacht so you can spend time with your friends and family on the immaculate waters of Florida.

Best Solutions for UV Protection in Yachts

So how can something so divine cause so much damage? While the sun provides the earth with the needed warmth and light to sustain life, it also sends harmful Ultraviolet or UV Rays. There are two types of UV rays that are not deflected by the ozone layer, UV A and UV B.

These rays are at their strongest and most damaging from 10am to 3pm. At those times, staying out in the sun can expose you to these cancer causing UV rays. There are a lot of ways to protect yourself, your loved ones and your precious yacht from suffering the negative effects of the sun.

Yacht Exterior Damage Protection

Best Solutions for UV Protection in Yachts

The most common materials used on yachts are fiberglass, wood and steel. While these materials have been treated to withstand harsh marine conditions, these are vulnerable to sun damage. Unfortunately, unlike people, yachts cannot wear hats or seek shade under an umbrella when the sun gets too hot. So, it is left to the mercies of the harsh rays that can cause quite a lot of damage after prolonged continued exposure.

The way the sun affects the different materials vary. Wood gets brittle and faded while steel can get oxidized. Fiberglass has a gel coat that’s a by-product of petroleum. It contains oils that are driven to the surface by the sun’s rays where it oxidizes and eventually burns off.

To protect fiberglass boats from the UV rays, a polymer sealant can be used to prevent the gel coat from reacting to the sun.

Yacht Interior Protection

What separates a yacht from other recreational boats is its luxurious and comfortable cabin or interior. These are often designed to ensure that people onboard can relax away from the sun. Furnishings are often made of wood and vinyl. Since these are not exposed to the sun, the materials are not treated to withstand UV ray damage. However, being indoors does not mean that these furnishings are safe from exposure to UV rays. These can reach the vinyl and wood surfaces through unprotected windows.

Installing a yacht window tint can keep your interior in quality condition. Studies have shown the positive effects of window tint on boat life span. It can protect your vinyl and wood from fading and cracking. It is an effective boat UV protection that you can get professionally done in most Florida locations including Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

Experts can recommend and install the best yacht window tint to use to ensure that these are compliant with maritime law as well as effective against the harsh sun.

Health Protection

It’s common knowledge that prolonged exposure to the sun can cause serious health issues. This can range from skin to respiratory conditions. It is the reason why people often take precautions such as putting sunscreen on and wearing hats and sunglasses. And with constant reminders from doctors and the media about staying in the shade when the sun is at its strongest, people tend to stay indoors during these dangerous times. So, when out on a cruise, folks seek refuge in the comfort of the cabin.

Unfortunately, this does not guarantee that there is no more exposure to UV rays. Sunlight streaming through the windows still carries these harmful rays. So, having a yacht window tint is almost like adding an extra coat of sunscreen.

Another benefit that a yacht window tint brings is that it prevents up to 98% of infrared from getting into the cabin. This prevents the greenhouse effect that infrared can cause. So, your interior is kept comfortably cool because the AC doesn’t have much heat to compete with.

Your yacht is your pride and joy. You certainly want to make sure that it is protected so you can spend a lot of time on board enjoying the beautiful Florida weather. While some folks might consider a yacht window tint to be a frivolous and an unnecessary cost, it certainly proves its worth as a defense against harsh UV rays. You can keep your yacht’s interior in quality condition and reduce the cost of repair by simply having a yacht window tint installed.