Badia Spices Founders Buy Luxurious Miami Waterfront Manor


The owners of Badia Spices, CEO Joseph A. Badia and his wife Nancy Badia, made a grandiose purchase of a waterfront manor at the Coconut Grove located in Miami.

Badia Spices was established in 1967 by Jose Badia. After his control as the president of the company, his son took over in 1971.

Joseph Badia has since developed the company into one of the largest providers of spices in America. The Badias have acquired a property with a total of 8, 618 square feet in 2011 at 1910 S. Bayshore Lane.

Badia Spices Founders Buy Luxurious Miami Waterfront Manor

The $12.4-million mansion measures 14,097 square feet and is situated at the exclusive Entrada Estates, 3575 Stewart Avenue. Each square foot is priced at $880. The property was previously owned by Noreen Gordon Sablotsky.

Sablotsky is the Vice President of Jacobs Investments Company LLC. She is currently a business collaborator at the NGT3 Venture Found. In 1987, she co-established Noven Pharmaceuticals and became in charge of different areas such as business expansion and research.

The construction of the waterfront manor began in 1938. It has been built along Biscayne Bay on a lot which is 42, 689 square feet wide. In 2009, it was revamped by Ernesto Cercas. The posh home is comprised of 6 bedrooms, a guest house, swimming pool, wine bar, a wine cellar, 6 bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, an extensive garage, and a gym. It also has a dockage for a yacht that measures 65 feet.

Badia Spices Founders Buy Luxurious Miami Waterfront Manor

The waterfront manor purchase was a significant sale for the community of Coconut Grove. In the past year, there has been no further purchase in the area which exceeds the sum of $10 million. The 3551 Main Highway property was sold but it was absolutely a special type of 6.9-acre asset.

The mansion bought by the Badia couple is an exquisite home and is considered as one of the most sought-after residences in South Florida. The brokers are excited to set a magnificent record with the transaction.

Entrada Estates, where the said waterfront manor of Coconut Grove is located, is situated in the southernmost part. Years before, residents of this gated community established an association which shelled out money for a 24/7 roving security team. Because Entrada Estates is strategically located between Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, and Southern Miami, many are enticed to make a purchase.

The estate has been established in the early 19th century by Hugh Matheson. He bought a huge 20-acre territory of waterfront terrain. Here he built a couple of residences for his own family. Architect La-Trobe Bateman was the one who designed the landscape of the grounds.