Are There Exemptions to Boat Tint Laws in a Window Tint Near Me?


Before having a window film, you must ask yourself, “What are the laws governing a legal window tint near me?” Each state has its own body of rules, and window tinting laws in Treasure Island, FL, are no exception. Costs for tinting tickets can range between $200 and $300 – a high price for not following the rules! But there are exemptions to window tinting shades.

What You Need to Know About Medical Waivers

Medical exemptions are possible to people with dark shades if they are sick. These conditions need extra-special people to have extra-protection against sunlight. That would mean thicker and darker shades. One can have as much as 5 window tint around Treasure Island, FL. The following are needed to grant the exemption:

  • Accomplished waiver form from your state’s department
  • Physician’s statement
  • Authorization form
  • A visit to the Inspection Station

The validity of the medical exemption is as long as the person is sick or until the boat is sold. Keep in mind that you have to get the waiver before tinting boat windows in Treasure Island, FL. Failure to do so would mean a ticket to court.

Medical Conditions That Need Dark Shades

There are health threats other than skin burn and cancer to worry. Some people are already ill with conditions that make sunlight hazardous to health. You need to assess your health before Googling for a “window tint near me.”

  • Bloom syndrome. The sun’s heat dilates a person’s blood vessels.
  • Protoporphyria. The sun causes an extreme burning sensation.
  • Cockaynesyndrome. It accelerates aging and causes neurological dysfunction.
  • Lupus. One can feel burning sensations, fatigue, and joint pains.
  • Solar urticaria. Often called sun allergy, it creates itching and burning sensation.

Boat riding or traveling all the time? Then, optimize your boat or RV window tint near Treasure Island, FL, to prevent worsening of your condition. Remember to go to your doctor first, and fill up the waiver form before having your boat tinted.

Professional Installers vs. DIY Kits

You can buy self-tinting windows around Treasure Island, FL, but are you willing to place your health in line? If you are a DIY expert, you can install the windows for yourself. But professional installers know how to cling, care, and carry an installation process. It will help you lessen your worries for a bad tint job.

If you have a medical condition, it is best to get the waiver before searching the Internet for a “window tint near me.”