74-Year-Old Qualified Sailor Dies Mysteriously in the Waters


LYMINGTON HPH, ENG – It remains as a mystery on how a veteran and very qualified sailor became a casualty of the water.

Hugh Carter, a past Lymington Town Sailing Club commodore. He left the Keyhaven Yacht Club, 9:44 in the evening, and was still alive on November 6, 2016 as seen by some witnesses.

He was still alive when he was seen leaving the Keyhaven Yacht Club, November 6, 9:44 p.m. Carter’s body was discovered two weeks after at the edge of the shore within walking distance of Normandy Lane. The 74 year-old man’s yacht however was found near the Hurst Castle. The authorities had a massive search operation to find him before his corpse was found.

The court of Winchester Coroner found out that the qualified sailor and former watchmaker was residing in his yacht. The boat was fastened near the Hurst Castle and that he would frequently travel starting at Keyhaven to his boat. The court also found out that a day before he disappeared, he was faring well and was frequently getting drinks at the Keyhaven Yacht Club.

74-Year-Old Qualified Sailor Dies Mysteriously in the Waters

He also spoke to Director Peter Phillips (Echo Pilot) in that morning who was reportedly having concerns about Carter’s behavior. Nonetheless, Philips portrayed Carter being an exceptional seafarer. According to Phillips, the old but qualified sailor was really knowledgeable in sailing his vessel.

The director also commented on how Carter appeared gawky days prior to his disappearance. “He stumbled a lot. My wife and I talked about his unusual clumsiness,” he said.

Dr. Foria, a pathologist, discovered that the liquor levels in the blood of Mr. Carter were abnormally high. The pathologist deduced that the death of the qualified sailor was from cardiac arrest which came from his long immersion in the waters. A secondary cause pointed to ischemic heart illness and soaring alcohol level.

The detective investigating the case of Mr. Carter is Martin Timmes and he has reported that the sailor’s phone lost reception just a few minutes after reportedly leaving the yacht club. He suspected that this happened because the phone went down in the water along with the old qualified sailor.

Timmes said that he assumed Mr. Carter boarded his boat first and fell. Another theory suggested that the vessel might have encountered engine problem which prompted him to take off from his boat to immerse himself in the waters.

Grahame Short, senior coroner, agreed on a judgment of accidental demise on the other hand. Mr. Short reported that Carter left the club and decided to go home the night he disappeared. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, he was found dead but the reason why he was immersed in the water is still vague even up to this moment. For an experienced sailor like Carter, there might have been a probable reason why, even with his familiarity of the waters in that place, he ended up dying.

Short added that there a lot of speculations surrounding the sailor’s unforeseen passing apart from engine problems of his yacht or his alleged drinking before he disappeared.