5 Things to Consider in Yacht Window Tint Installation Process

5 Things to Consider in Yacht Window Tint Installation Process

Once you’ve made the decision to have a yacht window tint installed, there are necessary factors that you need to consider to ensure that you get your money’s worth. With all the amazing benefits a high quality window tint can bring, that’s the type you definitely want on your yacht. Below is a guide on what you will need to pay attention to.

5 Things to Consider in Yacht Window Tint Installation Process

  1. Budget – There are different brands and types of films that can be used to tint a window. But what you need is something that can deliver what it promises. Films that are not designed or marine use may be a lot cheaper up front but will easily get damaged and need replacement. With all the other costs needed to get this done, you may end up paying more that what is needed.

To be able to choose the right materials, it would be best to set up a consultation with a professional so that they can give you the best options and recommend what will suit your needs and budget.

5 Things to Consider in Yacht Window Tint Installation Process

  1. Boating Laws – While you would need to choose a film that can deliver what you need, you will be required to follow maritime laws when installing a yacht window tint such as the Visible Light Transmission quality. There may be legal consequences if you use films that do not meet what is required by law.

There are available resources online so you can use these as reference when deciding on which one to choose.

  1. Type of tint – There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to tint film, however, only few of these can be used as a yacht window tint. Marine tint is designed specifically for use on boats and yachts and this is the type you want to get. The best type available right now is the ceramic film. It is dye free so it will not turn purple or crack with age. It will have the same hue it had as the day it was installed. This feature is an absolute necessity as the last thing you want to happen is to have impaired vision when operating your yacht.

Ceramic film is also metal free. This may not seem like an important feature to some, but it is actually quite crucial. A yacht uses equipment that work with radio and cellular signals to be able to function properly. The metal in a yacht window tint may disrupt this signal and cause interference. When you’re out on the water, your equipment is your lifeline so you need to make sure everything is working right. Huper Optik has a nano ceramic series that offers these features so you can enjoy the benefits it delivers.

Another type that’s worth installing is the safety and security window film. This can provide you with peace of mind because you know that you’re protected from any unwanted audience. It keeps what’s going inside your cabin private, just the way you want it to be.

This film can also protect you from theft. It prevents a window from shattering even when it’s deliberately struck. Instead of breaking into tiny pieces, the film keeps the pieces intact, creating a web like pattern on the surface. This makes it harder for the thief to get to the interior of your yacht.  It can be installed along with your marine yacht window tint.

  1. Film Percentage – There are various film percentages available. For automotive use, the legal requirement varies by state. However, for maritime use, the minimum VLT is 70%. This means at least 70% of light should be transmitted through the yacht window tint. This ensures that the driver will have a clear visibility of the area around the vessel.

  1. Installation Company Expertise – While you might be tempted to turn this into a DIY project, installing window tint should be left to experts. The money you may be able to save by doing the installation yourself might actually not be worth the effort because incorrectly applied tint may have adverse effects. These may peel off prematurely or crack if not properly installed.

In addition, by trusting professionals with this job, you can take advantage of their expertise, as well the warranty that comes with the service they provide and the product they use.

Your yacht window tint is not just an accessory or something to make your boat look pretty. It does have useful functions such as cutting glare and preventing harmful solar radiations from damaging your yacht. So the process of choosing what to use and installing a window tint is not something to be taken lightly.