32nd Palm Beach International Boat Show Hoists Sail This 2017


There is a huge expectation among the exhibitors and organizers of the 32nd Palm Beach International Boat Show as they put into order their affairs on Thursday.

With many vessels put on view, voluminous online ticket deals, and a fair weather prediction, more people are assumed to grace the event with their presence this 2017. This is according to the senior VP and chief operating official of Show Management, Andrew Doole. Show Management is a company from Fort Lauderdale which produces and organizes the event.

The 32nd Palm Beach International Boat Show is under the ownership of Marine Industries Association, a trade organization from the Palm Beach County. Yearly, it usually holds a crowd of 40, 000 boat enthusiasts and more.

Doole revealed to the Sun Sentinel that the 2017 boat show will be a larger event as it will display 700 yachts. The ticket sales are also doing great and that they are looking forward to a further increase of participants for the 32nd Palm Beach International Boat Show than it did in the previous year.

The marine vessels along with their accessories hold an estimated value of $1.2 billion. They will be exhibited on Sunday at the Intracoastal Waterway, Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach.

The array of vessels will vary from tenders and paddleboats to mega yachts of 200 feet and more in length. Many new participants who are the top European yacht builders including Feadship, Moonen, Amels, Hessen, and Palumbo will be present.

On the other hand, longtime boat show delegate HMY Yachts will showcase a total of 60 vessels valued at a sum of $100 million at the 32nd Palm Beach International Boat Show.

Both new and pre-loved boats range from 39 to 153 feet. HMY Yachts, the assumed star of the show, has branches spread across South Carolina and Florida including the Miami, West Palm, and Dania beaches respectively.

32nd Palm Beach International Boat Show Hoists Sail This 2017

Attendance to the Miami International Boat Show which was launched in February rose to 7 per cent. This is compared to the data from last year. It was an event attended by 100, 000 people in ballpark figure.

There is a sudden surge of confidence among the consumers shortly after the elections. This is evident in the well-doing stock market. These factors helped the yacht buyers and other discretionary buyers to invest in the marine vessel industry.

Burgess, a yacht dealer who has offices based in New York, London, Miami and Monaco also share the same positive outlook. Joining the 32nd Palm Beach International Boat Show, they will hold their grandest exhibit as it displays 10 of its finest vessels. This is according to sales broker Crispin Bayles. For the past five years, Burgess was able to sell superyachts at the show.

In the previous times, the boat show has obtained a significant fan base for exhibitors and prospect buyers. Because of this, it has been acknowledged internationally in 2009.

Included in the Burgess’ fleet which will be exhibited are the Quinta Essentia and Jetsetter. They have a cumulative price of $50.2 million.